Becoming a Strong Leader and Shifting Fast in a Chaotic Job Market

When I was a young girl I wanted to be Editor and Chief of a fashion magazine. I thought I would be married with children by 25 years old and live by the ocean. Oh how life is so different than what you imagined as a young child.     

Throughout my life I’ve been chasing after what I think I ‘should be’ doing. The job that I should have, the title that I should have, comparing myself to those around me. Trying to fit into the box that society has shown me but doesn’t feel like the right thing deep down.   

When you go into high school it’s all about getting good grades so you can get into college. Then in college, it’s all about getting a good job. Nobody is asking you what is your purpose, what are you passionate about, or what are your strongest skills. Instead they tell you the skills that you don’t have and have to get.

Despite a BS and MBA and great jobs, I’ve never felt like enough. I’ve never felt like enough because many times I was told I wasn’t.  

But what if we’ve always been good enough?   

There’s no way I’d be where I am today without my schooling, work experiences, family, friends and extended network. I’ve had so much support and love throughout my life.  

Aaron Walton, founder and CEO of WI , showed me what true creativity and culture marketing means. During my MBA from the University of Texas Austin, McCombs School of Business, I learned the strategic skills, business acumen and discipline needed to lead others and run a company. At Microsoft, I learned the power of technology to fuel business and empower the world. I experienced the Microsoft Partner Network, understanding B2B and channel marketing, and how to scale globally. And my time at Gartner as the brand lead for Software Advice taught me how marketing can drive tremendous revenue and growth and how research and data are the foundation for incredible content.   

 While I’ve worked incredibly hard and have been privileged with amazing opportunities, I haven’t felt purposeful. I’ve had many days of anxiety and heaviness on my heart — feeling unfulfilled by my job and guilty for not being grateful for all the goodness in my life. I knew something was missing. 

Being brave and quitting corporate

This fearless ladyboss has made the brave decision to leave an amazing corporate career. To start a new journey as an entrepreneur, business owner and CMO of Standout Authority. 

It’s not a path that they teach in school or encourage in corporations because it’s a harder path. The risky one. The one without healthcare and guaranteed paid checks.    

But why wait another 10 years to get the title and role that I always want?

Why not create the job that makes me feel purposeful and fulfilled and in service to others?

Why do we have to take the path society thinks we should do instead of create the path that our heart desires?  

 I finally get to be my most authentic powerful self, sharing my voice and giving people the power and confidence to create the careers they dream of.   

It’s my personal mission to help others find their voice, build their confidence and create influence so they can change the world.

Welcome to WERK Your Brand & Standout Authority

To help you develop your voice and brand, and create massive influence, I’ve launched this WERK Your Brand newsletter, the WERK Your Brand Clubhouse and so much more to come. WERK Your Brand will help you understand what it takes to build a personal brand that stands out and reaches your audience with the best marketing strategies. 

WERK Your Brand is part of Standout Authority, the amazing company my husband Joshua B Lee founded, and we now own together. At Standout Authority, it’s our mission is to help people be human online again. We’re tired of the mass messaging and constant selling to us, and want to build real human relationships that turn into opportunities. We believe LinkedIn is the most professional, social media platform driving business opportunities, which is why it’s a core part of our services.  

We provide training and done with you services:


  • LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass: learn how to get started and create engagement on LinkedIn in under 3 hours and at your own pace
  •  WERK Your Brand Workshop coming in August: develop a personal brand statement to bring your personal brand to life on social media in 2 hours
  • Corporate Social Selling and Employee Advocacy Training: educate and motivate your employees to build their personal brand and use LinkedIn to draw in leads, advocate on your company and attract the best talent

Done with you Services :

  • WERK Your Brand: develop your personal brand, messaging and content strategy so you can werk the sh*t out of your brand
  • Signature Service: LinkedIn account takeover to educate, inspire and draw in your ideal audience using our unique Engagement Engine through messaging PLUS personal brand coaching from me and custom built landing pages
  • Elite Service: everything from the Signature Service plus the WERK Your Brand service with 1:1 brand support from me AND content curation on LinkedIn

Visit Standout Authority for more information and reach out to me directly!

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So this WERK Your Brand newsletter will show you how to build a brand and WERK the sh*t out of it across your marketing efforts. You also can join our:

Can’t wait to see you around LinkedIn, the club, zoom and more…. tell me below, are you fulfilling your purpose??

In case you missed my first LinkedIn live telling my story, watch it here!