Joshua B. Lee

The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn 

Joshua B. Lee

Joshua B. Lee


Joshua B. Lee is “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn”, and he’s proud of that nickname. Over the last 20+ years, he’s built 16 businesses, written a book called ‘Balance is Bullsh*t’, and created a beautiful marriage and blended family of two children, Jayden and Skylar.

In 2003, he started his first online advertising company called LF Media with clients like MySpace and Google driving advertising spends of over half a billion dollars and generating over 35 trillion online impressions. He was a millionaire by 28 years old and featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

As he looked at the business landscape, he realized he’d focused too much on driving traffic and making money. We had forgotten that we’re all HUMANS. So in 2014, he founded Standout Authority to support high-powered entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals in humanizing their personal brands, creating amazing content and drawing in massive opportunities on the only professional platform out there: LinkedIn.

In 2021, he brought in his wife Rachel B. Lee to be Co-Owner and CMO of Standout Authority and together they dove into Web3 and launched the $SOA Coin and Standout Authority Community on Discord. He’s also part of the LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok Creator Programs with nearly 200K+ fans across social media.


Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach


Balance is Bullsh*t by Joshua B. Lee

Work-life balance is Bullsh*t. Are you sick and tired of having big dreams and never achieving them?  Are you burnt out and can’t find time to sleep or workout?  You do not have two separate lives, just as you do not have two different personalities. You have one life, and it’s time to start living it. 

In this book, you’ll learn the Integrated Life Formula. You’ll understand that life is not about balancing but about integrating.  An integrated life is a balance of your Vision, Health, Relationships and Business. By integrating each of these four parts of your life, you can elevate yourself and achieve anything you dream of.  

Are you ready to be challenged to move past balance and live a truly integrated life? This book will help you: 

  • Find your Vision through a step-by-step guided process  
  • Develop prosperity of health through meditation, exercise and diet
  • Foster relationships to greater heights
  • Fuel Outrageous Business Growth 

Remember, this life is yours to live. You can either live it fractured and in fear of the unknown.  Or you can take advantage of this moment and this life in one fluid journey, pushing you beyond your own limiting beliefs.   

Media and Features

Huffington Post
Entrepreneur Magazine
Brainz Magazine
USA Today
Win the Hour Win the Day Podcast
7-Figure Millennials Podcast
The Next Level with Jeff Agostinelli Podcast


Joshua B. Lee is a powerful and charismatic speaker that impacts his audiences with just the right amount of knowledge, experience, and humility. In addition to the valuable and energizing insights he brings to the business and marketing world, Joshua is all about being at the forefront of marketing and business innovation and is always ahead of his peers.

With two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and marketing expert, he has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to start and successfully run a business that grows to 8 figures. He tells the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey in his book Balance is Bullsh*t, bringing authenticity and relatability into every engagement.

He was at the forefront of online marketing in the early 2000s and one of the first companies to create digital ad units to reach millions of people. Now that we’re in the human era, he’s shifted his focus away from driving demand through media spend to creating real human-to-human connections in business. Every company is run by another human being, and those relationships will always turn to opportunities.

Joshua B. Lee at Digital Marketer

Sample Speaking Topics:

  • The Power of LinkedIn: How to Create influence and Grow Opportunities Without Selling
  • The Human Algorithm: There’s no B2B or B2C, only H2H
  • How to Use AI to Attract and Engage with your Ideal Audience on LinkedIn
  • How to Create Compelling Content with Business Professionals on LinkedIn
  • Balance is Bullsh*t: Creating an Integrated life that Accelerates Your Business Success
  • Being a Natural Born Entrepreneur: What it Takes to Succeed in Business and Life
Social Media Week Austin
Titans Mastermind
John Assaraf
Baby Bathwater Institute






I know Josh talks about being the “Dopamine Dealer of Linkedin,” but he deals out Dopamine EVERYWHERE. His positivity and practical approach to making “human to human” (H2H) connections extends beyond Linkedin into everything he does, including meetings, presentations, and each conversation I’ve had with him. He helped me re-optimize my Linkedin page and changed my practices when it comes to engaging people on the platform, allowing me to massively extend awareness of my personal brand and I highly recommend talking to him if you want to extend your reach in a genuine and effective manner. 

Mark de Grasse

In today’s global social media, there is minimal human-to-human relationship. People are fixated on “Likes” and about the number of Friends and Connections they have. But such measures rarely bring forward results.

Josh B. Lee has brought in a wonderful and REAL new perspective of how human-to-human communication and connection can occur on a social media platform like LinkedIn. If you want to grow your business and use LinkedIn as a Social Media platform then Josh is your guy!

Boaz Fischer

Author, CEO and Founder

Joshua is a real connector, and totally understands the value of “giving” before you “get.” His approach of genuine human interaction, and building actual meaningful relationships on LinkedIn is a breath of fresh air. There are way too many people who do mass automated outreach on LinkedIn. Joshua is channeling the value of real human connection, and his approach works. 

Chris Botvidson

CEO, Fuel & Spark Media

If there is one person I would pick as an expert who knows the value of Linkedin and how it works, it’s Joshua. If there is one person on Linkedin that makes a lot of sense on business growth and creator economy, it’s Joshua. You can never go wrong with Joshua.


Brand Futurist, Global Brand Consultant, Author, and Speaker

Had the distinct pleasure of hearing Josh speak at a Mastermind group on the Human to Human Movement on social media. It was beyond valuable and ultimately a life changing paradigm shift for me. Josh knows LinkedIn and knows people, if you see him on a speaker lineup it’s not a lecture you want to miss, and don’t forget your notebook! Thanks Josh for that beyond impactful LinkedIn Lecture.

Khrystian Veals

Marketing Consultant

Joshua B. Lee delivered a virtual LinkedIn training session, which was attended by approximately 150 team members at Gartner ranging from junior associates to VPs. During the session, he provided actionable advice on several important topics including the most effective ways to engage others on LinkedIn, best practices for growing your network and recommendations for building compelling content, among other topics. The session was incredibly valuable and senior leaders within the organization have already requested that Joshua deliver the same training to other teams across the business. Joshua’s depth of expertise and experience in this area are evident and I strongly recommend this training for any business looking to expand their network and boost engagement via LinkedIn.

Brandon Brunson

Director of Enterprise Communications, Coursera


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