Ready to build your brand and WERK the Sh*t out of it?

You are your brand. Let’s WERK It.

If you truly want your business to stand out and be poised for explosive growth, there’s one thing you absolutely must nail to make it happen, and that’s your personal brand. You have to understand who you are, what makes you different, what unique skills and offerings you have and who your niche is. It’s not just what you do – it’s why you do what you do and how you bring it to the world.

With our WERK Your Brand Service we’ll:

  • Discover your brand value proposition based on your skills, experience, audience, and passion
  • Develop a content strategy based on your brand value proposition and messaging and map out ways to WERK the Sh*t Out of It
  • Overhaul your LinkedIn profile including new cover photo
  • Build your content strategy and content themes so people understand exactly what you do and why
  • Write and execute 3 posts per week including carousels and social graphics
  • Create organic engagement around your weekly posts
  • This foundation will accelerate your LinkedIn profiles, influence, content engagement, audience reach and growth opportunities.
Your Personal Branding Guide
Rachel B. Lee

Rachel B. Lee


What Clients Are Saying…

Rachel will not only help you identify your brand niche, and find your tone of voice, but you’ll walk away with the confidence you need to move forward while you build your brand and work the sh*t out of it. I could not recommend her expertise enough.

Kate Lemere

The Four Percent

Rachel is fantastic to work with! Our first session regarding my branding was a huge eye opener. Rachel asked questions nobody ever asked, nor that I thought to ask myself. When we first spoke, my brand was a convoluted mess that I was afraid to share with the world. Today I have a brand that I am truly proud of and business has been better than ever! Work with Rachel, she’ll get you on the right track!

Victor Pierantoni

Zen Stoic

To anyone interested in improving your branding and messaging…

I worked with Rachel Lee in a 1-hour session (and follow-up) to work on my branding and messaging with great results. She urged me to clearly reflect my long background in project management in my LinkedIn profile, and she taught me how to write the profile in a more powerful way that people can relate to. She also gave me a Finding Your Voice worksheet that helped me get even clearer about my value proposition based on what she taught me. I greatly appreciate her help, and I love what I’ve done with it!

Raymond Posch

Certified Transformational Life Coach, Live Your Success