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Rachel B. Lee

Rachel B. Lee

The Future Of Your Business Starts Here.

If you truly want your business to stand out and be poised for explosive growth, there’s one thing you absolutely must nail to make it happen, and that’s your personal brand. You have to understand who you are, who you are to your clients and audience. You have to know not just what you do but why you do it. You need to know what value you bring and then how to bring it to the world. With our Personal Branding Service we’ll show you how to build your brand and then “Werk the Sh*t Out of It” to create your custom messaging and marketing plan around your brand!


What Clients Are Saying…

Rachel will not only help you identify your brand niche, and find your tone of voice, but you’ll walk away with the confidence you need to move forward while you build your brand and work the sh*t out of it. I could not recommend her expertise enough.

Kate Lemere

The Four Percent

Rachel is fantastic to work with! Our first session regarding my branding was a huge eye opener. Rachel asked questions nobody ever asked, nor that I thought to ask myself. When we first spoke, my brand was a convoluted mess that I was afraid to share with the world. Today I have a brand that I am truly proud of and business has been better than ever! Work with Rachel, she’ll get you on the right track!

Victor Pierantoni

Zen Stoic

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