Learn how to build your personal brand and grow your LinkedIn influence and engagement.

Whether you want a self paced on demand class, need training for your teams or want to dive deep in your brand with others, we can teach you how to do it.

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Everyone can be part of the FamiLEE with Rachel and Joshua B. Lee. Join our Discord to talk about how you can standout from topics like the human algorithm, personal branding, content marketing, LinkedIn strategy, influencer marketing, Web3, the creator economy and MORE!

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StandOut Authority Experience

Corporate Training

Have a sales or marketing team that doesn’t understand how to use LinkedIn to build brand advocates and draw new sales? We’ll train your teams on the power of LinkedIn and build a social selling army that drives major marketing engagement and new sales opportunities.

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StandOut Authority Experience

Standout Authority Experience

Our 8 week program where you’ll learn how to attract your audience, engage your buyers and convert them into customer advocates without selling so YOU become a standout authority.

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What Clients Are Saying…

Quotation Mark

"Joshua B. Lee delivered a virtual LinkedIn training session, which was attended by approximately 150 team members at Gartner ranging from junior associates to VPs. During the session, he provided actionable advice on several important topics including the most effective ways to engage others on LinkedIn, best practices for growing your network and recommendations for building compelling content, among other topics. The session was incredibly valuable and senior leaders within the organization have already requested that Joshua deliver the same training to other teams across the business. Joshua’s depth of expertise and experience in this area are evident and I strongly recommend this training for any business looking to expand their network and boost engagement via LinkedIn."

Brandon Brunson - Director of Enterprise PR and Analyst Relations at Coursera

"Rachel is a creative force who challenges collaborators to think big and accomplish projects in innovative ways. Because she's such a gifted and dynamic speaker, I asked her to join a recent workshop for my team on how to deliver powerful communications. She gave great advice that was both relatable and engaging. Hoping our paths cross again soon!"

Gaby Loria - Senior content manager at Gartner

"Had the distinct pleasure of hearing Josh speak at a Mastermind group on the Human to Human Movement on social media. It was beyond valuable and ultimately a life changing paradigm shift for me. Josh knows LinkedIn and knows people, if you see him on a speaker lineup it's not a lecture you want to miss, and don't forget your notebook! Thanks Josh for that beyond impactful LinkedIn Lecture."

Khrystian Veals - Marketing Implementation Consultant

"Josh taught a fantastic workshop on how to start utilising LinkedIn. I loved that he advocated for more human connections. It really opened my mind to how we can use LinkedIn for my own business but also to help others grow. If you have a chance to work with Josh I would say go for it, he really knows his stuff."

Hayley Akins - Founder, Motion Hatch

"Experienced Joshua recently in a group coaching session with Jamie Masters. 10 pages of notes later, I'm ready to take my Linkedin process to the next level. Thanks for sharing your time! Ronnie"

Ronnie (Hatch) Crowley - Founder, Vision Implementors

"If you're looking for a Linkedin expert look no further. I can't say enough about how much Josh's coaching helped me and my team stand out from all the noise on Linkedin. I was an on and off user with a SSI score of low 60s. I followed his advice and it was so impactful that I received 400k views on one post and another article I wrote was chosen as a Linkedin editors choice! I am now in the 1% of my network and 1% of my industry with a SSI score 85. I went from feeling like this was a chore to truly loving having a voice. Thank you Josh for all your wisdom!"

Blake Menefee - Chief of Staff / Director of Operations (Oracle Digital North America)

"We decided to partner with Joshua B. Lee for our training program for our new Channel Partners to help them navigate the B2B selling that would be necessary to be successful. We recently had a new partner review and completed the training program yesterday. I asked if they felt there was any session that they felt was most helpful? He responded that the three different sessions with JBL's LinkedIn training were extremely valuable! Additionally, all of the 15 partners that went thru the live training all gave him ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! "

Marc Freedman - Managing Founding Partner | Best-Selling Author

"Oh My was amazing. Normally informational classes are slow and boring. Josh is not only informative but he makes the class fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use LinkedIn to grow their business."

Schuyler Crowder - Director of Programs, American Dream U