About Us

StandOut Authority helps B2B companies and professionals reach the 90% of buyers that can’t be accessed through traditional outreach. We help to identify and connect you with your target audience, how to efficiently create a pipeline of prospects and how to prioritize their professional profiles, relationships and daily behavior within the digital marketing environment. We provide digital sales strategies, tactics, and tools, including personal branding, social selling training, and content for sales. 

Our mission is simple. 
To guide you to align marketing and sales for maximum effectiveness
To equip you with the mindset needed to engage online, 
To provide you the skill set needed to win in the digital economy 
To provide the right toolset to navigate the digital sales ecosystem 

StandOut Authority exists to enable you to achieve explosive revenue growth through coaching conversations with leaders and their teams. We help identify practical steps towards achieving your companies goals, and showcase the effectiveness of LinkedIn through measurable SSI and proven results.

Our Team

Joshua B Lee – President, Co-Founder

Joshua B Lee is a strategic growth coach, helping individuals to scale themselves with their company so they do not scale themselves out of their company. His life of an entrepreneur includes many activities including being a father of two amazing kids. They are the reason he does everything possible to leave a legacy they can be proud of. Joshua is also blessed to sit on multiple advisory boards, mentor many bright, young entrepreneurs, and dress up as Spiderman for a local children’s hospital.

Author of ‘Balance is Bullsh*t’ I believe that a work/life balance is Bullsh*t. We do not live two separate lives just as we do not have two different personalities… if we did, we would need to see a doctor! We have one life that should integrate all aspects of our lives.

To connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, Monstapreneur was born, a high level networking group for entrepreneurs. We connect together monthly to help “relax, reset, and refocus” through epic adventures and experiences. These shared experiences bring flow to the group members’ lives and help maintain their drive to excel every day.

Founder of the online agency LF Media, Inc., which has launched many brands over the last decade, including:

Kosma Media
Leads & Feeds
Austin Advertising Alliance

Over the last decade managed over $100 million in ad spend and controlled over 30 trillion online impressions.

Sean P. Jones – CTO

Sean has been a geek since the mid-nighties. He designs and develops web apps and systems with an emphasis on reliability and performance.

Having begun his professional career as a service writer for Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships, Sean has an extensive background in sales and customer service in fast-paced, high stress environments. This has helped him become a master of staying calm under pressure. He also gained the ability to understand and effectively communicate with less technically inclined associates and customers.

There is a good chance you have crossed seen/downloaded one of his apps, over the years. With more than 14 years in the search advertising industry, Sean has developed aggregation and advertising engines that have served billions of ads to thousands of publishers all over the internet. He is also chief architect of MySearchNetwork, a new way to approach search and social interaction.

Though primarily a .net developer, Sean’s expertise covers multiple technologies and platforms. These include asp.net, vb.net, c#, php, MsSql, MySql javascript, xml, jquery, ajax. He’s known to be quite dangerous with Photoshop and Illustrator. He has designed, purchased equipment and built multiple networks within offices and data centers. He is also an accomplished audio engineer.

A music major in college with an emphasis on vocal performance and audio engineering, Sean found the transition to computers and code quite easy and natural. A classically trained vocalist, Sean has performed on stages all over the west coast. He has sung with Jazz groups, classical and gospel choirs and has performed in a few musical theater productions. He is a self-taught instrumentalist and plays the guitar, bass, piano and is currently learning the banjo.

Sean has three children and one granddaughter. He spends much of his free time with his granddaughter. When not with her, he enjoys: performing with his rock band, fishing, camping, playing golf and, being an annual passholder, he enjoys making as many trips to Disneyland as possible