Here’s Why We Do What We Do…

Your Voice, Your Message and Your Brand Matter.

Our mission is simple…

To help you STAND OUT by building authentic relationships, connecting you with your target audience and creating a personal brand—all using the valuable tool of LinkedIn.

How do we achieve this?

We assess your value proposition and create marketing strategies that help you influence and draw impactful connections. This allows us to identify and connect you with your target audience, so you have a strong pipeline of potential clients and customers while building your unique voice:

Align your marketing and sales for maximum effectiveness


Create a LinkedIn personal brand that’s influential and connects your business to you


Define your target audience and personally engage them to accomplish your goals whether that’s influence, leads or sales

At StandOut Authority, we help entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and change makers become influencers on LinkedIn through a strong voice, relevant content and authentic human connections.


Human Connections

Never automation — real messages sent with empathy and gratitude



Brand presense and identity with compelling, authentic, relevant content



Community building and enagement

Joshua B. Lee

Meet Joshua B. Lee, Founder and CEO

They call me “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” and I’m proud of that nickname. Over the last 20+ years, I’ve built 16 businesses, wrote a book called ‘Balance is Bullsh*t’ and created a beautiful marriage and blended family of two children, Jayden and Skylar. Way back in 2003 I built my career in online marketing with clients like MySpace and Google with advertising spends of over a half of a dollars, which generated over 35 Trillion online impressions for these companies. As I looked at the business landscape around me, especially the digital online world, including the multiple social platforms – I noticed that it seemed like the noise and automation had grown to a deafening level and people were so terribly disconnected from one another. I realized that we’d started to forget that we’re all HUMANS interacting with each other from the other side of a screen. In business, in social media – everywhere we weren’t seeing real humans and instead just text, noise and frankly propaganda. How could I create a business that helped people truly reconnect? To see through the digital landscape and make real lasting relationships for themselves in business and in life? That’s why I founded Standout Authority in 2014, so I can work with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals like you to help you humanize your professional or company brand. Overall the last few years, I’ve focused on LinkedIn to build authentic relationships and clients as I believe it’s the most powerful business platform out there. Building human connections, is one of the most important things anyone can do in their business. Because real relationships build clientele and businesses with long lifetime value. We’ve got an amazing team of heart centric, brilliant team members ready to help you build a strong brand that has influence, builds genuine connections and creates long lasting client relationships. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right combination of unique traits, business skills, brand and voice that separates YOU from the crowd and gives you the foundation to truly Standout – thanks for being a part of it.

Meet Rachel B. Lee,
Branding Ladyboss

Rachel B. Lee is a fearless marketing #ladyboss and the wife of Joshua B. Lee. Together they have formed a powerful business relationship that connects with audiences across the world. Rachel leads the marketing and branding strategy for Standout Authority and its clients. She can help you find your voice and create influence like you’ve never imagined.

A bit more about Rachel…She started her career at the marketing agency, Walton Isaacson, and managed some of Unilever’s first social media driven consumer activations including AXE One Night Only.

After receiving her MBA from the University of Texas, Austin, McCombs School of Business, she entered the technology industry at Microsoft. There she led branding, social media and content strategy, blog and influencer communities, podcasts, experiential, and more for the Microsoft Partner Network, an ecosystem of 300K small to enterprise size businesses digitally transforming the world.

Rachel achieved over a billion impressions in 2017 as the social lead for Microsoft Inspire, and in 2018 won the Microsoft Inspire Speaker Excellence award for her session on modern selling and LinkedIn. Her multimillion dollar brand repositioning and messaging strategy for the Microsoft Partner Network still reaches millions.

She’s currently a Gartner Senior Brand Manager leading Software Advice’s brand and marketing strategy which is all about helping small businesses find the right software through human conversation. From brand messaging and creative to content, paid and integrated marketing strategies, she’s building the brand’s awareness in new innovative ways.

In her spare time, she’s a Texas MBA Industry Consultant helping our future leaders navigate their personal brands and builds careers they love.

Rachael B. Lee.
Our Story

Meet Joshua B. Lee

They call him “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” and he's proud of that nickname.


What Clients Are Saying…

Quotation Mark

"Joshua's insight and strategy around using LinkedIn is one of the best I have seen. He helped achieve all of our LinkedIn goals at Strategic Coach. Highly recommend."

Dan Sullivan - Founder and President at Strategic Coach

"Josh and his team implemented what I call a 3 point LinkedIn strategy that resulted in not only engaged prospects but actual conversions to paying clients. I highly recommend Josh without reservation."

Michael Rozbruch - Founder of Roz Strategies

"Josh is amazing to work with. He guided me in developing my signature program and continues to help me with my LinkedIn strategy. He's super knowledgeable, high intuitive, authentic and get it. If you are thinking of working with Josh, do not hesitate!"

Amy Matthews - Woman UnRuled, High Performance Consultant and Executive Champion