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Ready to build your personal brand, influence and engagement on LinkedIn in under 3 hours?

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  • ✔️ Immediate Access to ALL of The Masterclass Training - With this On-Demand format you can learn everything you need to know to dominate LinkedIn on your own time, it's all there for you when you join us! 
  • ✔️ ​In Depth Training - Learn the most cutting edge secrets to increasing your LinkedIn influence, reach and authority!
You’ll learn how to be HUMAN online without ever selling. We've leveraged our Engagement Methodology to land major clients, get book sales, jobs and more.

It’s your time to stand out.


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 Brian Kurtz, Founder and CEO Titan's Marketing

Joshua Lee is a LinkedIn expert...and so much more. But don’t just ask me...ask the world class direct response marketers in my Titans Mastermind group where Josh wowed them with both techniques and strategies to create the most powerful profile imaginable on LinkedIn...and beyond.

 Dan Sullivan, Founder and President at Strategic Coach

Joshua's insight and strategy around using LinkedIn is one of the best I have seen. He helped achieve all of our LinkedIn goals at Strategic Coach. Highly recommend 
Build Your Personal Brand and Influence
Rock your LinkedIn and Company profile pages
Create Compelling Content
Understand content strategy and the 70/20/10
Get Quality New Followers with True LTV
Get quality new followers with true customer value
There’s a human behind every single business and it’s time for you to build authentic human connections to truly stand out. In this 24/7 on demand digital world we forget that there’s a human on the other side of the screen. To make a difference you have to create long lasting genuine human connections. Within 5 sessions, we’ll show you how to increase your reach, grow your influence and bring in a never ending stream of new prospects and clients. You’ll learn how to: 
  • Create a strong LinkedIn profile so that you build credibility and draw in your audience 
  • Identify, find and attract the right connections for your prospecting or job seeking needs
  • Develop relevant and authentic content that educates, engages and inspires your target audience
  • Engage with your target audience through human conversation, not automation.
  • Influence in your industry influence so you can get qualified leads 
  • Understand new tools and resources that can efficiently help you navigate the digital sales ecosystem

What to Expect...

5 Sessions, Targeted to help you dominate your LinkedIn Strategy, in under 3 hours.

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