3 Personal Branding Trends to Make Your Brand More Human in 2023

Content marketing used to be something limited to blog posts and creating some decent ad copy, but times have changed. With the growing creator economy of 50M+ content creators and the remote work revolution, being a successful business means being a great marketer and content creator, too. 

Why does creating content matter?  

Consumers around the world spend an average of 463 minutes or over 7.5 hours per day with media according to Statista’s November 2021 research. American consumers tend to average more time than most and spend around 347 minutes per day with traditional media, along with 470 minutes of digital media.

That’s a lot of time that they’re cruising the internet and on social media, and you have a chance to connect with them IF you have a compelling narrative. Coming into contact with them on the web, on their own turf, instantly makes your brand more approachable when done well. 

Hearing “content creator” might make you a little nervous, and that’s fair. But shake the image of an Instagram influencer or YouTuber doing a video for a moment.  

What Is Content Creator and Content Marketing? 

“A content creator is someone who creates appealing and awe-inspiring content for the viewers. The content they create can be educational, or can simply be catchy enough to entertain and grab the attention of any visitor or passerby who wasn’t previously interested in your brand. But after looking at the content, they developed a certain interest and visited your webpage or your social media handles,” Gary Henderson, Founder of DigitalMarketing.org 

Content marketing, in a nutshell, is creating and sharing material online like blogs, media, etc. in order to attract and convert new customers.   

Sounds simple, right? In a lot of ways, it is. The core principles of content marketing can be learned online for free thanks to the likes of amazing tools such as Google’s Digital Garage and Hubspot Academy.  

What you really need to stand out, however, is a go-getter attitude that inspires you to constantly innovate. You don’t need to break the mold, but you do have to stay with the times. Trends allow you to not only appear fresh and relevant but expand your audience rapidly.  

Keep these in mind as you develop your content strategy: 

  • Every piece should serve a purpose to educate and inspire your audience.  
  • Your content should always align with your brand’s values. 
  • Marketing goals should be short-term and measurable with clear KPIs (key performance indicators) 

Trends to look for as a Content Creator in 2022 

Content marketing is the lifeblood of the creator economy. Today’s digital landscape is vast, nuanced, and, like our real universe, ever-expanding. There’s always going to be room for you if you know who your audience is and focus on what they need. 

In 2022, there are some key trends anyone looking to up their content creation game can benefit from knowing. First and foremost, content creation should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. According to Hubspot‘s The State of Content Marketing in 2022, 90% of marketers plan to invest the same amount into their content strategies as they did the previous year. A few trends they note:

  • Short form video will reign supreme once again as the TikTok era continues to dominate the social media playing field. Video is the leading type of content for the third year in a row, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future. 
  • Podcasts are also on the rise as well as Social Audio with platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, LinkedIn Audio Event and more. A surprising 53% of content marketers say that despite its generally low ROI, podcasting is their most effective format.  
  • Social responsibility matters. Consumers care about brands’ views in 2022 and want to know what causes you support, how inclusive you are, and how you use your platform to make the world a better place.  

4 Tips to Be a Great Content Creator 

No matter what your niche, there are four things every business or individual can do to be an excellent content creator.  

1. Stick with your niche. If you want to establish awareness and authority, make sure your content is focused. Avoid flip-flopping between different industries or trying to wear too many hats. People will grow to trust you through consistent, reliable content.  

2. Be a part of your audience. You need to know your audience to speak to them from an authentic standpoint. Rather than act like an outsider trying to win them over, be a part of the crowd you’re trying to attract. This instantly makes you more relatable and is the key to growing a community that sticks with you.

3. Time your posts wisely. Timing plays a huge role in visibility and engagement. So, make sure to do your research, see when your audience is most active, and post at the right times. For instance, we find the best time to post on LinkedIn is in the mornings, Monday – Thursday, but that may be different in another country or for another person. You should also take advantage of any trending hashtags in your niche so make sure you’re following hashtags on LinkedIn and looking at LinkedIn News. 

4. Don’t try to please everyone. Good content creators aren’t there to appeal to the masses. They speak directly to a certain group of people about whatever they’re passionate about. Make sure you aren’t just trying to get everyone to like you online. Be there for the people who you want to engage with, and they’ll be more likely to engage with you.   

Remember these tips, and start building your strategy to suit your brand and audience. It can take some practice to cultivate a presence that feels wholly you, but once you hit that sweet spot, creating content can actually become one of your favorite parts of your job.  

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