Introverts UNITE! Ok, or maybe unite from the comfort of your own home behind your computer screen, whatever makes you most relaxed. Truth is, introverts are often misunderstood and have a harder time in business than those “always on” type A extrovert personalities, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  


Networking is often seen as “extrovert territory,” perceived as daunting and uncomfortable for many introverts who just don’t have the need to be around a TON of people all the time. But fear not, these LinkedIn Networking tips could be your savior when it comes to the amazing introverts among us and all the other “gimme-an-I-hate-networking-label” kinda people.. Trust me!

Especially with most live events going online right now you have the chance to really shine right now! 

Take a look at the list here:

  • Find a list of people attending the event you’re about to attend.
  • Let people you’re already connected to know you are going.
  • Invite the others with a personal message.
  • Look up the organizers and/or speakers.
  • Connect with organizers and/or speakers.
  • Decide who you’d REALLY like to meet.
  • Do some serious, professional stalking.
  • Follow up after the event.
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  1. Send a nice message (always be nice) to the attendees you’re already connected to. Something along the lines of you both going and how lovely it would be to catch up. You’ll be surprised at how many people you reach out to will actually seek you out and connect with you in person (without you having to like, walk up to people you don’t know and try to start a conversation!) 
  2. Write a personalized invitation to attendees you’re not connected to. Let them know you noticed you are both going. Ask what made them decide to attend, or what they are most looking forward to. The best conversation starters are always questions, and when you have those conversations people you connect with will definitely remember you. 
  3. Study the event website, invite, program, brochure or what have you. Once you spot the organizers and/or speakers, look them up on LinkedIn. Find out what expertise brings them to this event AND look for a common interest you have, bonus points if it is unrelated to the event you are about to attend.
  4. Connect to organizers and/or speakers. As online conferences and meetings get bigger you have the chance to selectively reach out to the exact people you have an interest in! You’ll be surprised at how many amazing connections you’ll make just by reaching out and expressing interest in what they’re doing.
start with why


  1. When you decide who you’d really like to meet, keep a few things in mind. Why do you want to meet them? Because you are a fan? You are not the only one, so make an impression first! Look for people who share your target audience from a different angle. Look for influencers. Above all, look for people that just seem too damn nice, funny, or different, they’re likely to be THE ones to meet. Remember if you’re on a conference or Zoom call, most of the latest platforms have a chat feature that you can use to connect directly with the person USE it!
  2. Here comes the fun bit. Serious, professional stalking! YAY. Visit the profile of one of the people on your short list. Check for ‘recent activity’ click the see more, or show all, or whatever that thing is called. Now before you start scrolling like crazy, look up a little and click “posts”. Now start engaging! This is what THEY POSTED. What they feel strongly about. Comment in a manner that compliments and adds value. Keep this up once a week if there is enough time, otherwise daily. IF THEY RESPOND, if there is some two-way-interaction you can message them to say you’d love to catch up during the actual online event!
  3. Follow up the day after the event. Send a nice thank you message to the people you did talk to. Ideally, send them a link to some interesting article related to what you chatted about. Send a message to all the people you DID NOT talk to! Let them know how much you enjoyed the event, give them props for having such a successful event even in difficult times and… finish with a question (remember questions are fantastic conversation starters!) Ask them what they liked the best, which speaker or presenter really stood out or any other question you might have that will continue the conversation.
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I developed part of this strategy by accident. The first time I did this, it was just before a live event (pre-lockdown of course) I just wanted to grow my network by reaching out to like minded professionals. When I got to the event (much to my surprise) I had THREE of the people I reached out to actually find me and thank me for the nice message and we ended up having a fantastic conversation. Just like that!

>>>Tell me: what is the next online (or even in-person) event you’re attending and which of these LinkedIn Networking Tips will you implement? Additional tips are welcome in the comments as well!<<<

Thank you so much for reading and sharing,

Joshua B Lee

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