Becoming a Strong Leader and Shifting Fast in a Chaotic Job Market

The dreaded elevator pitch

Have you been to one of those awkward networking events filled with lots of people you don’t know but you know you need to be there to schmooze and meet up with potential clients? It’s your job to explain yourself and your company while making a good impression.

Or what about the huge recruiting events I attended during my MBA where you’re in a sea of people just like you, all wanting the same jobs, and you’re waiting in line to impress a recruiter for any chance to interview?

Ugh. It’s the worst right?

Having to speak up and talk about yourself quickly and make an amazing impression??

If you’re an introvert, it’s definitely your worst nightmare and you most likely avoid these gatherings.

And if you’re an extrovert like myself, networking isn’t the worst thing but you’re constantly observing what everyone is saying around you and wondering do I sound as smart as her? What will I say when it’s my time to speak…when do I chime in and show my skills without seeming overbearing?

No matter how you define yourself, it’s intimidating to put yourself out there. The fear of rejection is something we all share.

Well, here’s the good news.

No matter where you fall on the love/ hate spectrum of networking and public speaking, this really comes to one thing…YOUR CONFIDENCE.


The reason why we’re scared to network and speak up is because…

We don’t know WHO WE ARE.


We’re not confident in ourselves and don’t understand what a personal brand even means. So when it’s time to introduce yourself to that hiring manager or potential new client, you’re confused and scared struggling to explain your skills, differentiation and passion succinctly. 

Why a personal brand matters and what it is

 Don’t take this personally but I’m 99% sure you think you know what a personal brand is and think you have a good one, and in reality you’re a bit off.

‘Why do you think that Rachel?’

Well, I’ve worked with some incredible executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers. When I ask them “Tell me about yourself”, they go into a long resume like story explaining all the jobs they’ve had, companies they’ve run, and titles they’ve held.

Literally the stuff you could find on a resume or an okay LinkedIn profile.

2023 Companies could be downsizing

I’m asking not just what you have done but what makes you, YOU.

Your unique story. Your passions, skills, differentiators and audience. 

The best definition of a personal brand IMO (in my opinion) =

How you see yourself + How others see you

This includes the perceptions, impressions, experiences, relationships, interests and more that make up your unique self.

So when you’re at that recruiting event and you go right into your resume like the rest of the 20 people in front of you, are you really showing your whole self? No. That is your moment to shine and open up with a unique value proposition about YOU – not the companies you’ve worked for and what you did. Does that make sense?

4 steps to build your personal brand

Over the past several years, I’ve realized how strong my personal brand is and that there was a method to what I was doing. Similar to how I built value propositions and messaging for brands like the Microsoft Partner Network and Gartner’s Software Advice, I built a method to create my own value proposition – aka my personal brand statement.

I built my 4 steps to building a personal brand for a Social Media Week Austin presentation I did a few years ago and it has stuck. I use it everyday with clients as I WERK their brands and it’s time to bring it to you!

Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Understand your core skills what are my superpowers that people tell me I’m incredible at?
  2. Evaluate what makes you different – What perspectives, experiences and credibility do you have that others don’t?
  3. Define your audience – Who can relate to your unique background and experiences…remember the Riches are in the niches!
  4. Discover your passions – What gives you energy and excitement so you can change the world?

After you’ve explored these 4 steps, you tie them together to create a cohesive personal brand statement like mine:

Rachel B. Lee if a fearless marketing ladyboss who helps professionals and businesses find their voice so they be confident, grow their influence and change the world.

And if you check out my LinkedIn headline, you’ll see a version of this personal brand statement. Same with my other social profiles where I’m always connecting my personal brand statement to my messaging.

Phew, going to those networking events aren’t so bad after all 🙂

Announcing the WERK Your Brand Workshop???? 

It’s not easy to understand what you stand for, what makes you different, who your audience is and why you do what you do. It usually takes help from someone like me to brainstorm with you and see what you can’t see about your story. It truly is a delicate process that takes digging into your history and understanding the vision you have for yourself.

But when we do the WERK, there is no better feeling than knowing exactly how you’ll introduce yourself during that next event, client call or interview. You’ll have the confidence and clarity in every moment so you stand out!

There’s nothing more important than your personal brand because it sets the tone for your life and everyone around you. Our future rests in your hands and how well you understand and unlock your incredible vision!

So if you want some help doing this, please join my August 4th WERK Your Brand workshop. Together we’ll build your personal brand and WERK the sh*t out of it!

In this 2 hour LIVE virtual event, we’ll cover…

  •  WHY a personal brand matters with real world examples
  • WHAT a personal brand is (hint: it’s all about your unique story)
  • HOW to evaluate your skills, audience, differentiators and passions to make you stand out and create your personal brand statement

You’ll walk away understanding how to craft that perfect elevator pitch for yourself and write that perfect social bio.

 The event is recorded and starts Wednesday August 4th at 7 pm CST. Sign up here!

See you there!


PS Comment below with your 1 line elevator pitch!!