I want to talk to you about what happens when life gets painful, for no apparent reason. When things just go wrong. When you put all your hard work, and attention, and energy and thoughts into this goal and it just doesn’t work out. When everything just falls apart. When you are struggling. Financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. What happens is, you lose all perspective, Right? You lose that optimism, that motivation, intention and desire that got you started on this goal in the first place.

And what happens to most people is THEY GIVE UP

i quit man

They give in, they surrender and they quit.

They lose their faith They lose their drive They lose their optimism and that sparkle in their eyes that got them started. They quit and they give up. And it’s not that they don’t have what it takes to succeed, because we all have what it takes.

They quit because their WHY isn’t big enough to carry them through the pain of defeat and failure. To get them to success and greatness on the other side

But if you do have a WHY If you know what your purpose is If you have a cause that’s bigger than yourself To fight for, to believe in, to stand for, to live and die for

boy with mask and gloves

Then you got a fight in you You got a rare conviction, fight, tenacity and determination in you that keeps you going when you’re struggling. When you’re in pain. When the majority would give up, you go against the grain You are the minority

Because your purpose, your why, pushes you and carries you up through the challenge, the pain, the failure and the defeat Up on the other side to success and greatness

So let me make this clear: There is absolutely nothing more powerful in human life than somebody with purpose.

So when you connect with your why. When you connect with that reason, to stand for and live for and fight for. You will no longer need an alarm clock. Because your purpose will get you out of bed.

You won’t need motivational quotes because your purpose will get you motivated for anything and everything that comes your way.

what's your why

Because the most successful people in the world ALL know their why. They all have a very clear purpose, a very clear vision. For what they want to accomplish, what they want to achieve and what they want to contribute to other people. So i am asking you to think long and hard about why it is you do what you do. Why do you do what you do?

Figure it out. Because if you want to be successful, there has to be something powerful inside you. Find it, connect with it, tap into it. Hold it tight Fight for your dreams! Live your purpose!

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