Content Marketing Evolution: Top Trends of 2023 and the 2024 Outlook

A Nostalgic Detour: December 7th, 2022 Event

Last year we hosted a jam-packed, informative live event presented by BlueJeans by Verizon.

Joshua B. Lee and I got down to the nitty gritty about “5 Exciting Content Marketing Trends for 2023 You Need to Know.”

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and unpack our key predictions from last year’s event, along with how they played out in reality. 🔎

5 Exciting Content Marketing Trends for 2023

In 2022, the B. Lee’s spoke about 5 exciting content marketing trends for 2023 during a live event.

1. Human-Centered Video

Statista projected a whopping 3.5 BILLION people leaning into video as their main source of media going into 2023.

True to the stats, video became the most popular type of content over the internet in 2023 and is expected to account for 82.5% of all web traffic by the end of this year. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of my ‘hot girl walks’ in your feed, where I dish out the scoop on all things ranging from personal branding to career wisdom. These little 1-minute gems have been hitting it out of the park in terms of engagement with my peeps this year. 🏆

Who You Know Matters Video

One of my ‘hot girl walks’ videos.

2. Conversions and a Return on Investment (ROI)

We anticipated users leaning into social media as their go-to search engines for crucial day-to-day decisions, making these platforms key players in ROI.

This prediction hit the mark, with HubSpot ‘s 2023 report crowning Instagram with the highest ROI.

3. B2B and B2C Influencer Marketing

We foresaw a shift from celebrities to business ‘thought leaders’ in influencer marketing.

Front and center in this crystal ball moment are the likes of Steven Bartlett and Gary Vaynerchuk.

But here comes the plot twist: Some of our fav celebs from the world of pop culture – Ryan Reynolds, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Snoop Dogg – hopped onto the trend train too, donning their thought leadership hats with flair. 😎

In my shout-out post to Snoop Dogg, I spilled the tea on how he’s been killing it on LinkedIn — and yeah, I might’ve had a slight ‘omg’ moment when the Doggfather himself hit reply. 👇

B. Lee Family Photo

Snoop Dogg’s comment on my post!

4. Content Regulation

We predicted content liability questions to rise this year. 📈

China was the first to act on this, introducing guidelines emphasizing the need for creators to be more accountable with what they put out.

5. Authentic Social Media

We believed authentic content would take center stage this year, and boy, were we right about this one!

Case in point: My candid post about my entrepreneurial journey and IVF challenges clinched at The Washington Post feature and garnered 14,960 impressions on LinkedIn . If that doesn’t shout the power of authenticity, I’m not sure what does. 💥

Rachel's Mental Health Awareness Post

My authentic, personal post garnered 14,960 impressions.

Peering into 2024: Our 5 Content Marketing Predictions

2024 Loading

Get ready for 2024!

2024’s around the corner, and it’s heralding BIG changes.

Next year will be all about diving deeper into our audiences, crafting tailor-made experiences, and conversations that feel oh-so-human (even when they’re…well, not!). 🤖

So without further ado, here are our top 5 predictions for content marketing in 2024!

By the looks of things, our crystal 🔮 ball reading for 2023 was pretty accurate!

1. Developments in AI-Driven Content Creation

The buzz is that generative video and audio will be the stars of 2024.

Need an explainer video? AI swoops in, crafting animations in minutes. What about a new jingle for your brand? Generative audio will be your on-demand virtual orchestra or band, ready to deliver on cue.

2. Audience Needs Over Follower Acquisition

Remember when follower counts were the ultimate bragging rights? Oh, how the tables have turned!

Recent trends show a more relaxed pace in organic follower acquisition. LinkedIn has actually started giving the boot to followers that are inactive.

Why? Because the spotlight is on platforms like Meta and LinkedIn to truly serve their audience. It’s less “look at my massive following!” and more “look at how we’re genuinely engaging our community.”

3. Hyper-Personalization

Goodbye, generic “Hey [Name]” emails! 👋

In 2024, we expect personalization in marketing to take a deep dive into individual behaviors and preferences using real-time data, AI, and machine learning.

It’s about crafting experiences so tailored that customers feel like you’re reading their minds.

Hyper Personalization

Get Hyper-Personalized

4. Interactive Content

Interactive content’s not new, but we expect it to really take off in 2024. We’re talking quizzes, polls, interactive videos, and those captivating carousel slides.

(📌 Pro tip: When you’re saving and uploading your graphics for a carousel post, save and upload as a pdf. Then you will upload it into your LinkedIn post as a document not media, and you’ll get the true slide through look and not the cluttered squares in one post.)

But it’s more than just fun: this sort of engagement racks up double the engagement of its static counterparts and is a goldmine for strategic insights!

5. Conversational Marketing with Chatbots

By 2024, chatbots are predicted to be a $142 billion industry powerhouse. 🤖

Beyond the impressive 67% increase in leads brands enjoy, chatbots have undergone a glow-up. They can now chat just like us (not perfectly, but better than before), understanding and gauging our emotions using sentiment analysis.

Charting the 2024 Content Marketing Horizon: Join the Conversation!

StandOut Authority — Joshua B. Lee (@TheJoshuaBLee) and Rachel B. Lee (@TheRachelBLee)

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At StandOut Authority we’re bubbling with excitement and optimism for the rollercoaster of innovations ahead in 2024! 🎢

And hey, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Share your own predictions, observations, or burning questions about 2024’s content marketing landscape below.

Here’s to a transformative year together in content marketing! 🥂