LinkedIn Knowledge Hub: How Collaborative Articles Can Transform Your Thought Leadership

Launched in March 2023, you may have seen this popping up in your feed: LinkedIn Collaborative Articles. Let’s get into what it is, how to use it, and why this feature helps thought leaders stand out and establish their authority on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

Image Credit – LinkedIn and Sam Rathling

What are Collaborative Articles?

Collaborative articles are LinkedIn’s fresh way to dive into the wealth of knowledge the community has to offer. Think of it as your go-to spot for insights from thought leaders on all sorts of topics, from figuring out how to nail that next promotion, learning new marketing strategies, how to handle your boss, to the best AI insight.

LinkedIn kicks off these articles as conversation starters, with a little nudge from AI and their editorial team. These pieces only come to life when the community jumps in. Experts toss in their two cents, share stories, tips, and all sorts of perspectives to make these articles a goldmine of info.

Whether you’re sharing your own experiences or soaking up wisdom from others, it’s all about growing together.

Why Collaborate? Let Me Break It Down

Think of LinkedIn as the ultimate networking event, but online and massive. Collaborative Articles are like those engaging roundtable discussions where everyone’s eager to chip in. When you throw your hat in the ring with a Collaborative Article, you’re not just sharing your two cents, you’re establishing your thought leadership and learning from others.

Snapshot of an article by Joshua B. Lee

A snapshot of one of my collab articles

You’re mixing it up with some of the brightest minds in your field, creating content that educates, resonates, and engages. This brings diverse perspectives together, sparks conversations, and creates a piece that stands out in the vast sea of online content.

Badges: More Than Just a Virtual Nod

Let’s chat about those badges. 🏅 Sure, they look nice on your profile, but they pack a serious punch. Each badge is a nod from LinkedIn, a recognition that you’re contributing, engaging, and making an impact. They tell your network—and potential connections—that you’re active, you’re insightful, and you’re a voice worth listening to in your industry.

If you’re a thought leader who wants to grow their reach and authority, getting a badge is a step in the right direction.

Snapshot of Joshua B. Lee's LinkedIn Badge

A snapshot of my LinkedIn Badges

SEO: The Game You Didn’t Know You Were Winning

If you think SEO is just for marketers or techies, think again. Every time you contribute to a Collaborative Article, you’re boosting your visibility. How?

By linking your profile with relevant, keyword-rich content, you’re making it easier for search engines—and potential connections—to find you. It’s like leaving digital breadcrumbs that lead right to your profile, showcasing your expertise and insights.

Crushing It with Collaborative Articles: How-to

🔵 Pick Topics You’re Passionate About: The best content comes from genuine interest. When you write about what you love or what you’re curious about, it shows. Your enthusiasm will shine through, attracting readers and encouraging engagement.

🔵 Engage, Engage, Engage: Don’t just drop your thoughts and bounce❗️ Stick around. Reply to comments, stir up discussions, and be a part of the conversation. It’s like being the life of the party—people remember you for it.

🔵 Share Your Contributions: When you’ve put time and effort into a piece, let the world know. Share it on your feed, in relevant groups, or even in private messages. The more eyes on your work, the better.

The Bigger Picture: Building Your Brand

When you spend time contributing to Collaborative Articles, you’re doing more than just writing—you’re building your brand. Each article is a chance to showcase your expertise, share your unique perspective, and make your mark. It’s about creating a narrative that tells the world who you are professionally and what you stand for.

Joshua B. Lee Presenting

Showcase your expertise

Action Steps: Your Roadmap to Success

So, what’s next? Start engaging with Collaborative Articles today. Share your insights, connect with other professionals, and watch as your LinkedIn presence grows. It’s not just about the now, it’s laying the groundwork for future opportunities, connections, and success.

Collaborative Articles are more than just a feature on LinkedIn; it’s a useful tool for growth, connection, and a professional community. Go write, share, and connect.

Have you explored Collaborative Articles? How do you like it so far? Share your thoughts in the comments! 💭

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