Why your Content Strategy Sucks and How to Fix It

Nowadays, information is being squeezed into our brains, we are subjected to about 34 GB of data each day. To cope with it, humans have quickly learned to filter boring/unnecessary information, which pushes marketing to a whole new level. Companies are expected to deliver content that will be able to push through our brain filters. Simply producing high-quality content is not enough, you need to adhere to the algorithms, follow the trends, keep the quality high and pray to gods to go viral.

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Content is in demand, it’s an industry with numerous branches that employ millions of people. Companies invest money, run content departments and outsource experts to produce it and state their presence on the internet. If you are not doing it already, you are probably not reading this text, so whatever.

Let’s actually dig into the topic and discuss the reasons why your content strategy does not work. You might also find some tips to improve your content.

Target audience

This might seem like an obvious step in planning an ad campaign, but I’ve met many business owners that are more concerned about their business image, rather than their target audience.

do you know your customers

This is especially true for medium-sized companies that have been delivering the same product for a long period of time and established a respectable image. Owners often refuse to introduce humor, memes, high-quality video content and lose a large share of Millennials, who are continuously becoming their actual target audience. It’s vital to create a consumer profile before you even start brainstorming ideas for your content.

Too boring, too polished

Yes, certain companies are expected to maintain a serious business image and that’s fine. But adding a bit of “human touch” can help you achieve a lot while also saving a lot of money. In fact, people love it so much, that it took me 1 second to find a listicle of screenshots depicting brutally honest tweets. It’s easy to cross the line and get in trouble, but if you get it just right — free viral content with your band’s name is at your disposal.

Shutterstock subscription won’t take you far.

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Downloading and posting a pretty, polished picture that is being used by thousands of other companies won’t complement your feed. Using average-quality content, especially in paid campaigns, is a waste of money. Define your audience, use a unique idea and do your best to deliver the message.

Ditch the templates, if I’ve seen a similar image before, my brain will automatically filter it out of the way and mark as “old” information, especially with all those algorithms on social media that keep showing me old posts.

If it’s a post with corporate news e.g. for your LinkedIn, it’s always better to include a real picture, even of average quality. Ideally, invest in a camera, design some GIFs and rock your page with a high-quality personal approach to content.



SEO is not just about the keywords. Optimized content does not work without an optimized website.


Let’s ignore the fact that some people still use keyword stuffing and move on to a more relevant issue. SEO is not just about keywords and where you place them. Actually, nowadays, Google scans the text to see and decide on the general topic of the article and what information is actually provided there. So make sure that your content is relevant to the users and provides answers to questions related to your chosen topic.

Don’t forget about optimizing your website and making sure that Google crawlers can easily recognize its structure and purpose. Try turning off your styles and reading the website without them to see if it actually makes any sense. I would recommend getting a decent front-end developer who will be able to give you proper feedback.

Thank you for reading this week’s Dopamine Dose!

Joshua B Lee

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