We hear about it all the time — gratitude makes your life better.

But what if it could transform your marketing strategy, too? I have good news. It can!

Gratitude isn’t just about rattling off a list of things you appreciate and going back to being insanely busy and stressed. It’s an invitation to pause, reflect, and align yourself with your greater purpose. 

Why do you do what you do? And what makes it worthwhile? Practicing gratitude will help you find out, and refresh your marketing approach along the way.

In this week’s Dopamine Dose, let’s dive into why gratitude is so powerful, and how you can apply it to your marketing strategy. 

The Power of Gratitude

Science supports gratitude as a neurological superpower that changes your brain. A 2017 study of approximately 300 students seeking mental health counseling at UC Berkeley found that those who wrote gratitude letters instead of just journaling about their negative emotions were feeling better both 1 month and 3 months after the study ended. 

In 2021, Harvard Health published an article called “Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier.” It cited numerous studies in which students, individuals, and couples who practiced gratitude were happier and more positive than those who didn’t.

Being grateful highlights the bright side but doesn’t force it.

When you’re grateful, you’re honest. And being honest is the first step toward creating an authentic brand and showing up as your truest self in every area of your life.

Here are some other reasons why gratitude is such an incredible skill to master:

  • It breaks up the monotony of daily to-dos
  • It shows other people that you care
  • It feels good, and when you feel good, everything you do turns out better
  • It counters the weight of stress, frustration, and other negative feelings
  • It helps you recenter your internal compass, and focus on what really matters

How to Start Using Gratitude in Your Marketing

Gratitude doesn’t have a rulebook, but there is one shining principle we should stand by: being authentic. I don’t encourage you to start a gratitude list, only to start jotting things down just to fill up the page. 

You need to really think and reflect on what matters to you. For some of us, this isn’t easy at first. It’s only when we pause that we realize we’ve been running on an unfulfilling autopilot mode for a while.

But that’s okay. Gratitude is your chance to shift gears and start living, working, and creating in a way that’s more fulfilling to you.

1. Use Gratitude to Connect With Your Audience

Expressing gratitude in a post shows your audience that you pay attention to what they care about. It’s infectious, like a genuine smile, and people will respond to it. Remember that you’re doing this to be sincere, not to get accolades.

If you’re just starting out on LinkedIn, you might not have a ton of engagement. But that makes every like or comment just another thing to celebrate and be grateful for! 

A weekly gratitude roundup could be a fun way for you to show your audience that you’re present and responsive. And instead of getting hung up on numbers, you focus on meaningful interactions that brought happiness into your life. The metrics that normally brought you down don’t feel so bad anymore.

2. Strengthen Relationships With Customers, Vendors, and Business Partners

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. Sending thank-you messages and letting people know you appreciate their time, service, or thoughts goes a long way. Start implementing gratitude into your routine interactions. You’ll be amazed at how much happier you feel in everyday conversations.

3. Set Gratitude Goals for Your Marketing 

Make it a mission to become more grateful, express more positivity, and share the love. Maybe you decide to leave at least 3 genuine comments of appreciation on LinkedIn this week, or you commit to expressing gratitude to 5 different people in your profession.

Whatever your goals are, use them to identify opportunities to be thankful and kind. Remember, this isn’t just another item on your to-do list. It’s a commitment to being more authentic, happier, and engaged in your work (and life!). 


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