What’s the First Thing You Do in the Morning?

It’s an interesting question but one that can actually make an incredible impact on not just your day – but your overall success in life and in business.

The most successful people I know have a very specific morning routine that sets the tone for their day.

So when I start working with a new client I always ask the same set of questions.

I start with,  “What do you truly want to accomplish in your business and your life?”

Then I ask them specifically… “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?” A lot of people are puzzled by this one, but it bears thinking about.

guy with what

In terms of mapping a strategy to wealth, this may seem like an obtuse question, yet its answer can set immeasurable precedents for the rest of your life.

 These days the #1 answer I usually get is “I reach for my cell phone”

 BZZZZZ – wrong answer. But it tells me a ton about where they’re placing their intention.

 I know from that single answer that outside factors are ruling their thinking and taking precedence over them internally designing their own life for happiness and fulfillment.

 So if I asked you that, what would your answer be? If it’s the same I can tell you that you’re letting a piece of technology rob you of your personal mission, health, relationships and your business.

 Your interaction with a thing has become more important than your interaction with your life.

girl snoozing phone

If you don’t protect these precious treasures, external parties will be more than happy to stake their claim to your territory.

The inevitable outcome of not commanding an integrated life is potential unhappiness, or, at the very best, that gnawing feeling of “Is this all there is?”

 No one else knows your inner desires better than you, no outside party can know your Why better than you, and no one else knows the intrinsic motivators that will inspire you to charge through the inevitable setbacks you will face in life.

 Ultimately, regardless of the persuasion of external forces, you can always trace the choices that dictate the direction and momentum of your life back to intrinsic motivators.

 Best to spend time getting to know them…and nurturing them.

girl with headphones meditating on bed

Your morning ritual is critical to setting up your day (and your life) for success. Here are 3 Tips on how to enhance your morning rituals.

 1. Try Starting your Day in a Different Way.

When you get up spend a couple minutes being in gratitude for what you have, the people you love, the goals you’ve met.

 2. Meditate for 30 Minutes.

Meditate and focus on the goals you need to achieve for the day and what it will feel like to meet those goals head on.

3. Leave your Phone or Tablet in the Other Room

Don’t let it dictate your every move!

 Putting a morning ritual like this into place will pay you dividends you can’t even imagine in the long run.

If you have yet to find the success you’re looking for, upgrading your morning ritual will be a key driver to changing your behavior and achieving the goals you seek.

I hope you enjoyed the Weekly Dose! There’s much more to come in next week’s newsletter.

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