Last week in Your Weekly Dopamine Dose, we discussed what social listening. This week, we’ll dive into the benefits of social listening.


Top 10 Benefits of Social Listening

Social listening is what your customers and perspectives have to say. You can use your customers’ words to better inform your product and marketing strategy team.

You can use the conversations happening over social media networks to support your business goals. You should start to listen to the global conversation because social listening has multiple benefits as:-

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1. Low-Cost Operation

Social media platform’s cost is significantly cheaper to handle customer care as customers increasingly reach out there. Twitter social media platform’s cost customer service is less than a traditional phone call or email correspondence.

2. Access to Analytics

Marketers can develop marketing content by leveraging topic insights and will be able to create optimized content.

Marketers with social media gain can get a wide range of insights that help to discover what/who/how/where is going on or being said about a brand.

Marketers can build up a map of influences and will focus on specific groups of interested users.

3. Attract Customers

 It’ll become easier to find new customers once you start listening to social conversations.

Social listening helps marketers do more than observe. It gives the ability to engage in and own the conversations happening around their brands.

Social listening is helpful when trying to focus on real conversations as the right tools can help to brand improvement.

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Smart marketers use social listening to discover keywords and hashtags that are relevant to customers.

The markets who engage in social listening find the practice useful when it comes to developing the short-tail and long-tail keyword strategies.

A focus on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your brand can reach to new people who may be willing to explore your products or services.

It increases the chances for engagement with your target audience by allowing them to express themselves and speak their mind.

Marketers who can gather Insights from analytics from online communities are able to create more focused and relevant content.

Social listening will not directly generate sales but it can provide the right exposure for your brand to potential customers.

4. Customer Behavior

The knowledge about customer demographics is crucial. The conversation’s context is a key factor when developing a content marketing strategy.

Brands with close attention to the customers can easily understand the key problems, motivations, and issues related to the products/services. Addressing customer issues isn’t as simple as having a contact form on your website.

If someone complains about your brand on Twitter then their followers see it and your response is going to impact those followers too.

5. Online Conversations

Social listening is no longer a nice to have it. It’s a function of governance that should be formally written into your social media strategy.

One of the greatest dangers to your brand is to be unaware of what people are saying about you. The right social listening tool can track trends and get a broader perspective on what is happening on social media.

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Be in rhythm with trends in the best way to keep your content fresh, engaging, and relevant to your customers. The observation of social trends is one thing and fluctuation is another which is responsible for any changes over there.

It can serve as a foundation for your content strategy when you will know about what factors are influencing to conversations happening in your industry.

You need to be aware of the ring near your brand whether positive or negative and respond accordingly.

6. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Businesses who fail to respond to social media mentions get a bad reputation.

The online reputation of your brand is very crucial for your social strategy and it’ll affect what people think about your products or services.

In social listening, the brands have the ability to get reputation management scenarios in real-time.

A positive brand reputation gains from genuine online presence, healthy interaction with customers and a real interest in offering useful information.

Social listening helps marketers effectively manage the brands by allowing to jump in online conversations.

It can lead to favorable results by engaging with customers and showing a willingness to change their opinion about your brand as well as create value and trust factor.

7. Customer Service

Today’s customers react fast on what they discover. Customers don’t shy away from sharing their opinion about brands and advertising.

Social listening technology is to get better your brand’s customer service. Social media is the first place to share their opinions.

It’s an ideal space to evaluate how customers are reacting to your brand and campaigns. Social listening tools have the ability to provide better customer service.

It allows marketers to monitor what customers are saying in real-time and respond in the right voice at the right time. Today’s customers can discover, share, and respond to content virtually anytime, anywhere.

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Marketers must use social listening to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge. Businesses use social listening to promote a sense of community between their brand and customers.

Social listening helps to stay on top of the issues and comments around your brand and contribute to more positive sentiment around product or services.

8. Identify Influencers

 You’ll come across regular notice who say complimentary things about your products. It’ll be very useful when these people with high social followings who are regularly engaged with their followers.

Social listening offers the opportunity to better identify your brand champion and long-term influencers. This social media strategy will focus on rewarding brand champions with previews of your product or services.

You can invite the influencers to share their feedback on marketing campaigns and encourages endorsement of your brand.

These people actively endorsing your brand on social channels enable you to build on the relationships and control the reach.

These people speak positively about your brand, champion your products and defend your brand during a crisis.

Influencers are very helpful and can help your brand message. You can give them content to push-out and leverage their influence by A/B testing content.

9. Customer Feedback  

Social listening can be very useful to brands because it gives them valuable feedback.

You should respond to both positive and negative customers’ feedback. It’s easier to process positive feedback and pay equal attention to negative comments.

Listening to what customers are saying about your brand can give an idea of how you should respond.

Businesses who undertake social listening to get feedback will help them improve their products and provide better customer service.

customer feedback

It’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t and who are using your products or services can provide useful information.

You can use this information to improve your offerings, fix bugs, and collect positive testimonials to use in marketing efforts. Negative feedback signals what you need to do better. Ignoring negative feedback risks losing customers.

10. Competitive Analysis  

Social listening is to keep track of the conversations around your competitors’ products or services. It’ll be useful to monitor the conversations between your competitors and their customers on social media.

It’s helpful to observe competitors’ negative sentiment and it can take their customers closer to your brand where you can offer them something better.

It might be a good idea to explore the well-doing strategy behind the competitor’s success at social media and to implement the same elements.

You might even learn about competitor’s new products before you have had a chance to examine them yourself.

You can combine this knowledge with what you learn about preferred features from potential customers that will favor you over competitors.

Next in Your Weekly Dopamine Dose, we’ll discuss implementation and the tools to use.

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