3 Ways to Unlock the Power of Authentic Connections on LinkedIn

In an era marked by the rise of AI and the growing prevalence of technology, let’s embrace the chance to humbly improve our human qualities.

Something that can’t be automated… is our relationships.

Let’s face it, many of us fall short in forging meaningful connections. We tend to know names and job titles, but often miss the chance to delve beneath the surface and uncover people’s passions, dreams, and aspirations.

Supercharge Your Network

Supercharge Your Network and Build More Meaningful Connections

With more and more tasks and processes becoming automated, the key to thriving in the future will be your ability to build strong connections with those around you.

Here are three keyways you can supercharge your network and build more meaningful connections:

🔑 Share and Listen

Building truly meaningful relationships is like adding fuel to the engine of personal and professional growth. To achieve this, it’s essential to surround yourself with individuals you admire and respect.

Remember, relationships are a two-way street, a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

So, here’s the breakdown:

1. Share Your Value

Don’t be shy about showcasing your unique skills, expertise, and insights. Share your knowledge generously with those in your network. By doing so, you not only help others but also establish yourself as an authority that people want to learn from.

2. Open Ears, Open Mind

Equally important is your ability to listen and learn from others. Approach conversations with an open mind and a genuine curiosity about what others have to say. In these moments of active listening, you’ll discover fresh perspectives, ideas, and opportunities for growth.

Example: Genius Networking Event

Iron Man - What If

Les Brown and I

In September I spoke at the Genius Network® Event hosted by Joe Polish where I shared some insights on the Power of LinkedIn. I gave people a sense of how they can use LinkedIn and AI to expand their business.

Then, I had the chance to sit back and listen to the legendary Les Brown as he shared some gems of wisdom.

I shared valuable insights and also learned a ton. WIN-WIN.

🔑 Collaborate

Collaboration is the secret sauce that drives innovation and problem-solving to new heights. It’s the magic that happens when diverse minds converge to tackle challenges and explore new horizons.

Here’s how you can harness the power of collaboration:

1. Embrace Diverse Perspectives

When you gather the right people in the room, you tap into a wealth of diverse perspectives and insights. This diversity sparks creativity and often leads to groundbreaking solutions.

AI may excel at algorithms, but it can’t replicate the thought-provoking discussions that happen when a group of smart people come together.

2. Fuel Innovation

Collaboration is the breeding ground for innovation. By working collectively, we can come up with novel ideas and approaches that can reshape industries and disrupt the status quo.

Example: LinkedIn HQ, Discovering the Power of Collaborative Articles

Creators at LinkedIn HQ

Hanging Out With Some of My Favorite Creators at LinkedIn HQ.

This year I was invited to LinkedIn HQ to test drive the (then new) feature of Collaborative Articles. I hung out with some amazing creators, and we all shared our thoughts and insights on the power of collaboration!

🔑 Network

Networking goes beyond collecting business cards or LinkedIn connections. It’s about forging authentic, lasting relationships that can shape your personal and professional journey.

Here’s how to make your networking efforts count:

1. Engage

Networking isn’t a passive activity; it’s about active engagement. Ask questions, show genuine interest in others’ stories, and share your insights and experiences. Authenticity and sincerity go a long way in leaving a memorable impression.

2. Reciprocate

A successful network is built on reciprocity. Be ready to give before you receive. Offer assistance, support, and value to your network. In return, when opportunities arise, people will think of you, and you’ll find doors opening in unexpected ways.

* Every interaction is an opportunity to network.

Example: Evan Carmichael and Creating Opportunities for Success on LinkedIn

Evan Carmichael and Joshua B. Lee

Evan Carmichael and I Discussing the Power of LinkedIn.

By building great relationships I’ve been invited to speak at numerous conferences and even to share my tips and tricks on various podcasts and YouTube channels.

For instance, I recently went on Evan Carmichael’s podcast to talk about leveraging LinkedIn for success. This was an opportunity to share my expertise while growing my exposure.

If you want to supercharge your network and nurture meaningful connections, remember that it’s not just about what you can gain but also what you can contribute.

Sharing, collaborating, and networking with authenticity will help you build a robust network that can drive your personal and professional growth to new heights.

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