“If we are growing we are always going to be outside our comfort zone.” John C. Maxwell

The mindset required to go from nothing to starting a new business making $100K a year is different from the mindset required to take an ongoing business and driving it to much higher revenues.

Your mindset must change when you attempt to push your revenue limits over that $100K barrier to your first million-dollar plateau. It is the same concept again when you open your mind to realize making $10 million is also a reachable goal. Your mindset must change in order to achieve these loftier goals.

You like consistency, and the mind has a natural resistance to change. I have read 80 percent of our daily thoughts are repetitive. You must break the cycle of your current pattern of thinking because progress requires you to upgrade. Your mindset has to elevate to a level where the world sees the value and is willing to send seven and eight figures into your business.

The mindsets and implemented strategy to achieve each monetary goal do not always involve the same people you teamed up with before. You will find certain people you relied on to help you attain that first $100K are not cut out to move you and your company to the next higher revenue level. You might have to create a new relationship with a different key person. Maybe you need to make changes in your team or even seek new leaders from inside or outside of your company. It is just a matter of additions and subtractions in service to your company’s goals. Since time is the most valuable asset, you are also serving those team members who are no longer a fit.

Sometimes, changing team member roles is the answer. Your longest tenured employee may have to take a back seat and help with other parts of the operation. Bringing in outside coaching or offering the CEO position to someone else could be your next step to attain higher levels of business growth. Be open to these new realities.

There are always some differences between the mindset of a founder and a CEO you might bring in to run the company. These mindset differences force a change when you need venture capitalist money to help your business grow and prosper. The venture-capital company acquires equity in your company and their strategy might change concepts and visions from the past. The additions and subtractions could mount rather quickly, so prepare yourself now.

Going from $0 to $100K to $1M to $10M and more are usually the benchmarks that require an elevation of mindset, vision for where the business is going, and upgrades and additions to the team. Change IS going to occur, and your mindset has to be prepared and accept this.

Open your mind. You have to retain some of that raw emotion to fuel quick decision making but, do not let it drive you into making poor decisions. Do not grip too tightly and squeeze the life out of your business. Making a poor and personal decision can happen when you hit that first money benchmark. The fact is, to realize your dreams of wealth and success, sometimes you have to let the emotional attachments of building your business go by the wayside.

All of a sudden you’re thinking, “Man, I can’t keep the business growing!” or “We aren’t changing with the times,” or “Why isn’t anything happening?!” These little doubts can lurk like snipers in the weeds. Then, that benchmark you just hit fades into the distance and you feel like you are sliding into the abyss.

You have to release attachment to those doubts. Realize and come to grips with the idea that you are good at what you do! You are amazingly able to pick the right team members. Your assistants and business partners are reaching the required levels. You know you can make changes and zoom back up to this level and beyond because you have done it before. 


Mark Your Calendars

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