There are 3 ways you can react to the ever-changing landscape of tech: 

1️⃣ Adapt & pivot → and then evolve. 

2️⃣ Force the status quo → and try to stay in your lane, resisting change. 

3️⃣ Or reinvent the wheel → go big, start something new, and hope the masses follow. 

I’m all about number one and here’s why: 

Resisting change would just keep you stagnant and, to put it simply: miserable and unhappy—and nobody likes that. 

And if you try to reinvent the wheel, sure, that’s great. But that also means investing a lot of your time and effort into creating something that’s totally risky. This is why adapting, pivoting, and evolving your business amidst all the tech changes will enable it to grow in ways you can’t imagine. 

Enter LinkedIn – a platform that’s a perfect example of adapting to changing times, pivoting its UI, UX, and overall strategy, and evolving into a platform that I personally have leveraged in the past couple of years.  

And if you don’t believe me, look at the 930 million other active members on the platform. You can’t grow that big if you haven’t done something right. ???? And LinkedIn isn’t showing any signs of stopping. They’re about to go bigger, better, and invest even more in AI in 2023.  

What’s next for LinkedIn in 2023. 

???? Draft a post using AI  

Now that we’ve established that LinkedIn stands out as a trailblazer—and it’s not just any other social media/networking app anymore—it’s worth noting how it’s invested in AI, backed by Microsoft

LinkedIn is taking it a step further by empowering creators to leverage the potential of AI through GPT4 to craft posts. 

Picture this: with just a few clicks, you can effortlessly draft a post using the power of AI.  

Whether you need to share industry insights, express your thoughts on professional trends, or showcase your expertise, Draft using AI – a LinkedIn feature, has got your back.  Simply enter up to 30 words, click “Draft post,” and boom ???? You’ll have an instant draft at your fingertips. 

But that’s not all—LinkedIn is continuously evolving and refining this feature through extensive beta testing—and I’ll go ahead and toot my horn a bit here—I’m one of the FIRSTS to beta test it ???? 

While it’s initially available as a premium feature, the benefits it offers are bound to be worth every penny. Think of Draft using AI as your virtual writing assistant—the Jarvis to your Tony Stark, or the Alfred to your Batman (yes, I mentioned Marvel and DC characters in one sentence ????). 

It can help you: 

→ save time 

→ enhance your productivity, and  

→ ensure your posts are polished to perfection 

???? AI Draft: Ask about the job 

We all experience writer’s block: especially when a job poster says “send us an email with a killer cover letter explaining why we should hire you!”. And if you’d like to stand out in the best way possible, LinkedIn is the place to be. 

One of their newest features to roll out gives job-seekers an edge by helping them draft a personalized message to job posters using ChatGPT. Of course, it goes without saying that you’d need to personalize the outputs (I always advise people to reread, review, and revise whenever possible). 

???? Reporting of inappropriate posts and comments improved 

And if I didn’t think I could run out of reasons to love LinkedIn, they went ahead and improved their reporting system for posts and comments. 

This update aims to provide users with better tools to address inappropriate or harmful content that violates LinkedIn’s policies. One notable addition to the reporting options is the new category called “infringement or defamation.” 

By including this new reporting category, LinkedIn demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a safe and professional environment for their users. Talk about having a customer-first approach above anything else. Definitely keeping an eye out for this feature. ???? 

Some of the more minor but just as epic improvements rolling out.  

???? Reactions added to new activity page  

Reactions used to be a part of the new activity page layout under comments. Now it has its own tab under More. This highlights the importance of quick, high-touch engagement, which allows you, the creator, to see how your audience reacts to your posts on a high level. 

Comments on posts are great, but reactions give you a pulse regarding your network’s emotional take on your content. 

???? Follower purge 

Losing followers? It could be a good thing… 

LinkedIn has recently taken measures to clean out restricted and hibernated accounts, which may result in a decrease in your follower count. If any of these restricted or hibernated accounts were following you, their removal will lead to a reduction in your follower numbers.  


This cleanup process is beneficial for analytics accuracy, particularly if these inactive accounts were skewing the data. Who needs a 3rd party app to remove unwanted and inactive followers from your network? 

???? Custom action button

LinkedIn is currently testing a new feature in beta mode that is exclusively available to Premium account holders. This feature replaces the live link in profile intros that was previously offered to creators. Instead of having the freedom to include a customized blue link in the text, users now have to select from a set of five predefined options.

The chosen option will be displayed as a gray box in the bottom line of the profile intro. I personally think that this helps unify and create a consistent visual experience across profiles. It would be interesting how this pans out in the coming months!

Out of all the exciting new features rolling out this ‘23, you can tell that it’s the AI push I’m most excited about. ???? Yes, I’m all about humanizing our experiences and the way we network on LinkedIn; but with AI, we’ll be feeling like we’ve got a PA right at our fingertips, enhancing what we’re already amazing at. 

{Internally, it makes me feel like Tony Stark talking to Jarvis…but hey, that’s just me ????} 

And if this news isn’t exciting enough, Microsoft invested $10B into ChatGPT, Google created Bard and Microsoft launched Copilot… 

AI truly has the power to reshape competition among tech giants, and experts predict a competitive landscape as companies utilize machine learning to optimize their biz ops. ???? 

What are you most excited for as we move into the AI revolution?  


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