Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Network: Discover the 5 Secret Strategies for Building Strong Connections

I gotta hand it to these folks who just slide into your LinkedIn DMs to say “hey,

Josh B, I see you’re a business owner, let me help you get more leads!” 

Obviously, they didn’t take the time to skim through my profile, much less the headline I currently have. 

But see, this happens day in and day out, and I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about? 

When you’re scrolling through profiles, are you just seeing faces, or are you digging deeper? Do you see the dreams, the journey, the human behind that professional headshot? 

Ask yourself: Are you pitching or are you relating? It’s all about perspective. The way you see LinkedIn profiles can entirely reshape your networking game. 

In fact, this is such a pressing matter at the moment that Rachel B. Lee and I have decided to do a webinar to try and show folks that there are better ways to create connections online. 

Eric Z. Johnson , LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Agency owner, said it best, 

Eric Z. Johnson , LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Agency owner


If you’re after building solid, authentic, human connections and meaningful relationships on LinkedIn, then keep reading. I’m breaking down 5 simple strategies to boost your LinkedIn connections and build a solid network so you can: 

✔️ start to enjoy what appears on your feed and 

✔️ form legitimate connections so you can reach the RIGHT people 

Let’s dive in 👇 


Personalize your Connection Requests to Reach Decision Makers Like a PRO

Personalize your Connection Requests to Reach Decision Makers Like a PRO

Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the best places to reach business decision makers? 

According to LeadDelta , “90% of decision-makers say they never respond to cold outreach and sales prospecting”. That’s a pretty steep number, and it’s understandable: why would a 6-figure business owner spend precious time connecting to someone who really doesn’t care about their business? 

The solution? 👀 

Forget about ‘copy-paste’ connection requests. Instead, spice things up with a dash of personalization. 👌 Highlight shared experiences, mutual friends, or anything impressive about their profile. Open up a chat and kick-start a relationship that’s more than just professional. 

Be transparent about why you’re reaching out. Value their insights? Want to learn from their wisdom? Or maybe, there’s a potential collaboration in the pipeline?

Show respect for their time, and they’ll be more likely to hit ‘Connect’. 

Pro tip: really look at their profile and don’t just assume that they’re a coach because they look like one (if I had a nickel for each time someone assumed I was a life coach, I would have retired a long time ago 😉)  


Dive into Their Content 

Dive into Their Content

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of content. Your mission? Dive deep. Engage with posts, spread your knowledge, fire up insightful questions, and dish out constructive feedback. Not only will you stand out, but you’ll also forge stronger ties. 

Add value to the conversation, engage authentically, and respect differing viewpoints. This isn’t just about making connections – it’s about mutual learning and contributing. 

TL;DR, here’s a quick 3-step formula for connecting and engaging effectively: 

1️⃣ Like and comment on several posts everyday 

2️⃣ Engage with people that engage with you 

3️⃣ Send personalized invites to your target audience 

We’ll be talking more in-depth about this on our upcoming LIVE webinar, so make sure you secure your spot before the 17th of August! 



Unleash Your Own Valuable Content 

Unleash Your Own Valuable Content

Ready to take center stage? Start sharing high-value content. Unveil industry trends, share wisdom, offer handy tips, and position yourself as the go-to professional in your field. The result → Enhanced visibility and engagement that lays the groundwork for authentic relationships. 

Here’s a content checklist you can save and use 👇 

 🔵 Do you story tell, stay authentic, and inject human elements in your copy—or do you simply churn out content hoping people would read it? 

🔵 Do you add value? Is your content educational, and does it showcase your thought leadership? 

🔵 Does it build trust? Are you publishing accurate content, or are you simply focusing on quantity? 

🔵 Do you bombard people with product promotions and icky selling tactics? 



Master InMail and Messaging 

Master InMail and Messaging

Think of LinkedIn’s InMail and Messaging as secret weapons.  They’re your passport to deepening connections, particularly with folks beyond your immediate circle. Provide info about yourself, seek guidance, propose a project, and voila!

Remember, personalization is your secret sauce here too. Call back to specific details from their profile or recent posts, and be clear with your intent. Respect for their time translates into a higher chance of a positive response.


Engage in LinkedIn Groups

digital marketing

LinkedIn Groups are a networking goldmine. Get involved in discussions, share useful stuff, lend a hand where needed – all are brilliant ways to build relationships. Keep it professional, respectful, and supportive. Remember, your goal is to add value and not just fill the digital space. 🤝 

Building solid relationships on LinkedIn is more of a marathon than a sprint. It calls for sincerity, value addition, and respect for others. With these five power moves, you’re all set to build connections that lead to growth and open new doors. 

LinkedIn is more than a networking tool – it’s a relationship powerhouse. So use it wisely to nurture connections that truly matter. 

Quick question before you start implementing these strategies… Have you ever noticed some profiles on LinkedIn only post quotes that have no real value?  

Most likely, you have, right? But something that’s very strange about this strategy is that these posts get massive amounts of likes. However, when you jump over to their profile, you’ll notice that their impressions don’t match their follower count.  

What’s happening here is that these posts show no thought leadership or knowledge. Yes they get likes but people don’t really care about building relationships with those people.  

The solution?  

Something we call the 10/20/70 content strategy that we use at StandOut Authority to get our audience hooked on the content we post on LinkedIn.  

So if you’d like to learn more about this strategy… Join us on Thursday, August 17th for a not-to-be-missed webinar.  



Join us on Thursday, August 17th for a not-to-be-missed webinar.