3 Personal Branding Trends to Make Your Brand More Human in 2023

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the saying “don’t knock it ‘till you try it” applies. After all, 61% of marketers have already taken the time to explore ways they can harness the power of AI in their marketing campaigns – impressive!  

It’s true that AI can do a lot of incredible things, but let’s be clear: it doesn’t mean robots will be replacing humans anytime soon! We were always promised this futuristic future where robots would do all the work, like in the movies I-Robot and Bicentennial Man. But if you thought GPT-4 was gonna spell the end of copywriters, don’t worry – that’s not happening any time soon either. 

While bots and chatbots are a great addition to any business, there are several controversies surrounding AI that every marketer should be aware of before diving in head first. From an inability to offer human connection to over-reliance on automation – let’s explore four major points that could make or break your digital marketing future. 


AI-driven solutions may be able to process huge amounts of data quickly but they still require human input and training before providing accurate results – no matter if the output is content or analysis related. At the same time, errors can creep up due to a lack of human intuition behind the technology – something we need to keep in mind when thinking about long-term successes with AI-driven methods. Therefore, it’s important for companies to invest in both AI capabilities and expertise from experienced professionals in order to achieve optimal results. A combination of human intelligence and clever algorithms can lead to successful marketing campaigns that maximize efficiency and relevance. Human input will always be essential for making final decisions and helping guide the machine learning algorithms for desired outcomes. ????


One important thing every marketer should consider is that while AI tools can help improve customer segmentation, recommendations, and other areas of marketing – human creativity will always remain essential for executing content strategies that connect with an audience on an emotional level. Just like social media users crave content that reflects their individual beliefs, so too do customers seek out those brands which make them feel truly understood. This is something that machines are yet to be able to fully replicate – but this could very well change in the future. Either way, it’s worth remembering that humans have a vital role to play when creating content strategies that emotionally engage people. ????


Many people incorrectly assume that using Artificial Intelligence as a standalone tool for marketing is a failproof way of achieving success – even despite its limitations when it comes to creating truly inspirational material that feels real and resonates with audiences on an emotional level. In truth relying heavily on AI-generated content has a tendency towards feeling robotic and detached from reality – not exactly something you want customers associating with your brand now do you? Our advice? Balance between machines and humans is key! Humans can build upon AI’s insights by creating engaging, inspiring content that has the power to spark conversations and emotions. Brands should strive to maintain this balance in their content creation efforts, leveraging both the insight offered by AI technology and the creativity of human hands. ???? 

At the end of the day, it’s important for marketers to remember that while Artificial Intelligence can indeed help optimize processes, it shouldn’t replace human input in creating resonant content meant specifically tailored towards connecting with each customer individually in order to achieve maximum success long term.  

As we’ve explored here there’s still room for some controversy when it comes to artificial intelligence – so what do you think?  

Does AI really have enough capacity right now to completely replace humans within the marketing space? 


When was the last time you asked your team how they feel about virtual meetings? 

With remote work becoming the new normal, keeping your employees engaged and excited about your company’s mission and goals is a tough nut to crack. ???? 

Sure… Employees love a great salary with some benefits thrown into the mix. 

BUT that’s not going to be enough anymore… 

???? They want to work for companies and be part of teams that care about their personal AND professional growth. 

When you give your employees the power to define their goals within the context of your company’s mission… That’s when you create true brand advocates for your company! ???? 

Your employees will not only do great work for you, but they’ll also want to advocate on behalf of your company like posting on LinkedIn.  

And we all know that people trust people so this is the best kind of marketing you can have! 

In fact, 76% of people say they trust content shared by people over brands.  

So, what’s the missing link then? 

It’s simple – focus on individuality and personal branding with your teams!   

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