AI-powered tools like GPT have become a marketer’s sidekick: like Robin to their Batman, Beavis to their Butthead, or my all-time fave, Jarvis to Iron Man.  

Here’s one solid tip that not a lot of people know right now: AI can work wonders on LinkedIn, particularly when it comes to hosting live events (Who would’ve guessed?) 

So if this caught your attention: keep reading. ???? I’ll let you in on some pretty useful tips on how to use ChatGPT to help you market an SEO-optimized LinkedIn Live event.  I’ll also spill the beans on why you WANT to use AI for this purpose and how to repurpose the copy for other social media platforms. 

The Benefits of Using AI to Create an SEO-Optimized LinkedIn Live Event 

Leveraging AI for creating an SEO-optimized LinkedIn Live event comes with numerous advantages:  

✅ Time-saving: ChatGPT streamlines content creation so you can focus on other areas. AKA no more feeling like a headless chicken running around in circles. 

✅ Consistency: AI ensures messaging consistency across all channels, strengthening your brand’s image—as long as you feed it useful prompts to nail your brand voice. 

✅ Creativity: ChatGPT generates unique and engaging copy, attracting more attendees and creating buzz around your event. Make sure you proofread, refine, and revisit everything before you hit send! 

✅ Customization: The AI tailors content for different platforms, to make sure your message resonates with various audiences. Hello, easy repurposing, yes? 

✅ SEO optimization: ChatGPT can incorporate relevant keywords and phrases to help your content rank higher on search engine results pages. 

Sample Prompt for Writing SEO-Optimized Copy for your LinkedIn Event 

For the purpose of the rest of the article, we’ll be going with a topic that we used in a LinkedIn event not too long ago: Inspiring workplace culture through effective leadership and technology implementation. 

The first thing you need to do to get started with ChatGPT is to provide it with prompts. And we’ll start off by creating a catchy title and description for the event. (Let’s act as if we don’t have any copy yet, but we know what we want to talk about.)  

Type this prompt into ChatGPT: 

“Create a catchy SEO-optimized title and a 200-word description for a LinkedIn Live event on [inspiring workplace culture through leadership and technology.] Write the topics that will be covered in bullet format.” 

Wait a few seconds…and BAM ???? 

CHECK out this OUTPUT: 

Of course, it goes without saying that the copy may need to be revisited, rebuffed, and refined. Before you hit that CTRL+C & CTRL+V on your keyboard, make sure you proofread and edit as needed, so your output doesn’t sound like it’s churned out by a robot. ???? 

How to use AI to repurpose content for other social media platforms 

Once you have your SEO-optimized copy ready for the LinkedIn Live event, you can use ChatGPT to repurpose it for other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you’re curious as to why this is necessary, you have to remember that the following are different on each platform: 

✔️ your audience (and possibly their demographic) 

✔️ style of writing (some platforms work well with emojis, others do not) 

✔️ allowed character count 

✔️ algorithm 

✔️ and other best practices each platform recognizes

Here are two example prompts to get you started: 

“ChatGPT, I need a 280-character tweet to promote my LinkedIn Live event on [inspiring workplace culture through leadership and technology.] Please include relevant keywords and hashtags.” 

*Remember to add please, we never know what robots are capable of in the future. ???? 


Sample Prompt for Creating a LinkedIn Post for a LinkedIn Event 

On top of writing copy for the event description, you can also use ChatGPT to create LinkedIn posts that generate interest among your connections. ????  

 Here are two example prompts to help you create LinkedIn posts: 

“Create a 150-word LinkedIn post to promote our upcoming live event on [inspiring workplace culture through leadership and technology], featuring Rachel and Joshua B. Lee. Include key takeaways and reasons to attend. Add 3 relevant hashtags at the end.” 

*If this is for your own profile, you might want to change it to featuring GUEST and me.  


Never Forget about the Importance of Adding Your Voice and Human Touch 

Working with AI tools like ChatGPT is AWESOME! BUT… (yes, there’s always a huge but), it can’t fully replace how you sound like—aka, it can’t sound fully human unless you add your voice & human touch to the output. 

Can it provide you with an excellent starting point for your SEO-optimized LinkedIn Live event content? Heck yes. But it won’t be enough until you add your own flavor to it, and here’s why: 

????Authenticity: Your audience wants to hear from you, not just a machine (this is why chatbots, albeit helpful, can’t fully replace customer service reps). Adding your personal touch will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, ultimately increasing engagement. 

????Fine-tuning: AI-generated content can never be perfect, so it’s crucial to review and edit the output to ensure it aligns with your brand and message. 

????Context: You know your audience best. By adding context and insights from your own experience, you can enhance the relevance and impact of the content. 

Embracing AI tools like ChatGPT can make your life easier when it comes to creating an SEO-optimized LinkedIn Live event. However, you need to remember that you still need to add your voice and human touch to make the content truly authentic and fully humanized. Wanna make sure you create some pretty bomb ????SEO-optimized LinkedIn Live events? Combine AI with your own insights and expertise, and you won’t go wrong. 

Keen to know more about how you can use AI to run your entire social media marketing strategy? 

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