How Helping Others Is Unbelievably Your Greatest Asset

I don’t have any doubt that helping others can be great for business. The old “get ‘em by actually helping them” trick still works, you know.

But that’s not all; it can improve the quality of your life entirely. If you think about how you’ve overcome difficult situations in the past, you’ll realize that someone has helped you almost every time.

You can consider helping others an act of selflessness, a way of giving back to the community, and a way of making a positive impact on the world.

But did you know that simple acts of kindness can also be one of the most valuable things you can offer to anyone?

We have a responsibility to help those around us and help others in need

Social listening is what your customers and perspectives have to say. You can use your customers’ words to better inform your product and marketing strategy team.

You can use the conversations happening over social media networks to support your business goals. You should start to listen to the global conversation because social listening has multiple benefits as:-

  • You can share inspirational words with your audience.
  • Offer industry-related insights and advice.
  • Talk about your experience and how it can affect others.
  • Explain how to solve a niche-specific problem.

The benefits of helping others are far-reaching and long-term. But hold on – before anything, I want you to know that you shouldn’t expect something back from the people you help.

Compensation or reward should not be your reason for offering assistance. So why should you put helping others at the top of your to-do list?

1. It helps you build connections with people.

People appreciate and never forget those who help them during difficult times. You can dedicate some time out of your busy schedule to check up on others and find out what challenges they might be facing in their businesses.
You’ll never know how you can help until you ask.

Connections with People

Here’s something that I’ve done before. Make a post asking your followers what recent problems they are facing in their business. When you get responses, you can create a follow-up post explaining the steps to overcome those problems.

2. Attracts potential clients.

Fun fact: When you help others achieve their goals, you are more likely to achieve yours too.

Zig Ziglar

In the case where you have shared ways to help overcome a problem, there will be people who don’t want to do it themselves and would rather hire you.

Not just that, they will recommend other people to you; this way, you save money and time on lead generation.

As they say – the most powerful marketing is word of mouth.

3. Positions you as an expert in your industry.

Position Yourself as the Industry Expert

Want to rise above your competitors? Show your network how you can serve them better by putting yourself out there. When you offer advice and insights in the area you have experience in, you’re showing people how good you are at what you’re talking about.

People are more likely to hire you when they see your expertise in action than when you’re trying to pitch something to them.

4. Helps you gain trust and confidence among your audience.

It takes a lot of confidence to hire or do business with a total stranger. It’s a risk because they are not completely sure if you are going to be worth their time and resources.
But here is the thing: It will be so much easier for you to convince people if you have been offering value all along. It can be through your posts on your profile, blog, or industry groups.

Trust Means Everything For Your Business

You never know who is reading your posts, so make every word of advice and strategy you share count.


5. Increases your level of productivity and be happier.

Robin Sharma

The Journal of Social Psychology discovered that participants who performed an act of kindness daily reported higher levels of happiness than those who did not. 

You can see that helping others boosts your productivity, which means you can do more and improve your bottom line while growing your business. 

I hope you found this valuable and remember – action is the foundation of success. 

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