Your ability to create engaging content can make or break your success as a creator. 

But when you’ve only been using the same few content sharing formats, your content may begin to feel a little repetitive. That’s why I’m so excited that LinkedIn is bringing in a more engaging way to share content. And I’m equally as excited that I have the chance to be one of the beta testers. 

The new feature – Carousel – allows creators to bring more value to audiences through a digestible and dimensional storytelling method. With this feature you can mix text, video, and images all in one interactive media player.  

Not only will Carousel give you the chance to refresh your content, it’s also a more efficient way to share your thoughts and ideas with your audience. The visually engaging format of Carousel makes it easier for your audience to learn and digest your ideas. This will help you take your thought leadership to the next level.  

I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far about this new creative canvas so that when Carousel makes its final release, you’re ready to take full advantage.  

Using Carousel to Build Thought Leadership 

With Carousel you have the chance to combine multiple media formats in one post. Rather than creating text-heavy posts, utilize video and images in addition to light text to share your thoughts. The visual format will draw your audience in and hold their attention so that you can share your thought leadership more efficiently.  

Knowing how to balance these different mediums seamlessly in one post is the key to creating valuable content with this new tool. 

Here are 4 of the best practices for using Carousel to build your thought leadership: 

1. Hook your audience 

 On Instagram, you can post multiple photos and videos in one post. When your post shows up on someone’s feed, they can swipe through each image/video to see everything you’ve included in that single post. This new feature on LinkedIn follows a similar “swipe” format.  

Whether you start off your carousel post with a video or image, that will be the first thing your audience sees when scrolling. If that first image or video catches their attention, viewers can swipe through the rest of the post. 

This is why it is so important to start off with a hook. 

Creating a short video or text-based image that draws viewers in is key to getting your audience’s attention. Keep that first video or image short, but perceptive.

2. Incorporate multiple images and videos 

Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, use a good amount of images, videos or both to share your thought leadership.  

You can create videos of yourself sharing tips and personal knowledge, or easy-to-understand images that add value to the topic you’re posting about.  

If you’re sharing thought leadership on your own experiences, you should definitely include videos of yourself speaking. If you want to incorporate an image as well, you can include an image at the end with some short text recapping what your videos discussed.  

3. Allow your text to enhance your videos 

You can use text beneath your videos to provide a short blurb about the topic you’re discussing. This will help make your content more digestible for your audience.  

Just make sure that your text stays on topic with your video and vice versa. 

4. Tell a complete story 

 When all is said and done, your post should tell a cohesive story. Each video, image, and text blurb that you include in the Carousel post should seamlessly integrate with one another to build a dimensional story.  

 Creating a cohesive story with your Carousel post is an engaging way to build thought leadership with your audience. 

 For more carousel examples and inspiration be sure to check out my profile. Creating content with Carousel may be new territory, but it’s definitely a much needed refresh to content creation on LinkedIn. I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to beta test this feature and I can’t wait for Carousel to become accessible to all creators!  


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