Breakthrough AI Chatbots You Need to Know About in 2023

If you had a nickel each time you were targeted by an ad for AI 🤖— you’d probably be rich by now, right? Okay, maybe not THAT rich yet… But you get my point.  

AI is all the rage. It’s what everyone’s talking about—from fear mongering when it comes to searching, landing, and/or retaining jobs, to comparing which AI tool is the best—it’s no surprise that our feeds are filled with nothing but AI chatter. 

Well… if all the ads are confusing you at this point, don’t stop reading now. 

I’m here to give you the lowdown on the 6 of the latest (and I’d say the best) AI chatbots that you absolutely have to keep an eye on.  

In no particular order, they’re popular for a reason. Whether you’re a marketer, copywriter, social media guru, or content creator, AI is a pretty nifty companion to befriend these days. 

It’s up to you to decide ⬇️ 

The New Bing Chat 

Bing Chat Microsoft

The New Bing Chat by Microsoft

GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced language model system with internet access, serves as a search engine for up-to-date information. Microsoft recently unveiled an AI-improved Bing powered by GPT-4, offering enhanced capabilities and reliability. The Bing chatbot has transitioned from limited preview to open preview on May 4th, allowing free access to everyone. 

ZDNET’s testing revealed that the Bing chatbot successfully addressed significant limitations of ChatGPT, providing access to current events and proper source attribution. 

Now, before you go “Joshua, ChatGPT also had internet access”… I’d emphasize the word “had” because right now they’re working on some updates and Bing Chat might be a great complimentary platform until they get this function back.  

OpenAI’s ChatGPT (AKA, the OG AI Chatbot) 

OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT (AKA, the OG AI Chatbot)

ChatGPT, the conversational AI chatbot developed by OpenAI , is a versatile tool that can generate text for various purposes, including emails, essays, poems, and more based on user prompts. Since its successful release in November 2022, ChatGPT has served as a blueprint for many other chatbots, including Bing Chat. 

Not only can ChatGPT assist with writing tasks, but it can also engage in conversations on simple or complex topics.  

Perplexity AI

Perplexity features a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It’s known to be the best tool for prompt ideation right now. Simply type your prompt into the “ask anything” box and let it do its thing. 

Explore a range of prompts and ideas to spark your creativity. The “Popular Now” section showcases trending topics and news, giving you plenty to chat about with just one click. 

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Just like ChatGPT, Jasper utilizes natural language processing to generate human-like responses and write content based on your prompts. 

What sets Jasper Ai apart is its wide array of tools designed to enhance your copy. From grammar and plagiarism checks to over 50 templates including blog posts, Twitter threads, video scripts, and more, Jasper has a pretty extensive list of features which could justify its monthly investment of $39. 

Side note: I’ve worked closely with Jasper to help with content creation in the past; so I’m a huge fan especially with how they keep innovating! BUT… ChatGPT has been my personal favorite lately, especially when it comes to generating LinkedIn content ideas and outreach strategies. 


You Chat


With YOUchat you can enter a prompt and receive written responses for free, similar to ChatGPT. The chatbot covers a wide range of topics, including math, coding, translations, and writing prompts. 

One significant advantage of YouChat is its availability. Because it’s a low-key, lesser-known AI chatbot (for now 😉), you can access it anytime and ask away without any capacity limitations. 


Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic is supported by Google, allowing it to stay up-to-date with the latest news and provide relevant answers and stories. 

One significant advantage of Chatsonic is its inclusion of footnotes with links to sources, allowing you to verify the information it provides—a feature that sets it apart from ChatGPT. 

Which AI Chatbot is the best right now? 

Well, it’s really up to you. 😉 It really depends on your needs, your content and copy strategy, and how much you’re willing to invest—especially if you’re planning to take AI seriously by incorporating it into your marketing strategy. 

While most of these apps are free, their paid versions are also worth it. So take into account your budget and time with familiarizing yourself with what works for you. 

I’d love to know which tool has been your ultimate favorite and what have you been using it for the most? 💭 

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