3 Personal Branding Trends to Make Your Brand More Human in 2023

With LinkedIn having over 900 million members, there are just too many opportunities to pass up. If you’re not already looking at ways to generate opportunities on the platform, now’s your chance to take advantage of the incredible potential that awaits you!

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What exactly is lead generation on LinkedIn?

It’s basically the process of finding potential customers and getting them interested in what you have to offer. Think about how real estate agents hand out flyers for pre-selling a condo…or how gym sales reps call up potential customers to become members.

That’s lead generation – identifying who your customers are and then finding a way for them to bite the hook.

Why should you care about lead generation on LinkedIn?

Like I mentioned, the platform has close to 900 million members. That’s a boatload of potential customers if you ask me.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform to date, and with its advanced search features and competitive content planning section, it’s no surprise that your competitors are on it 24/7.

Plus, get this: 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions. So, you should definitely consider jumping on the LinkedIn bandwagon.

Now that you know WHY you should care…

Here are 6 tips on how you can generate quality leads on LinkedIn:

1. Optimize your profile.

First impressions matter.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: fix your profile as if it were on a dating app. Make it clear AND known – what you do, what you seek, and what you’re here for.

And I can’t stress this enough: make sure you sound like you’re talking and connecting to your fellow humans. Otherwise, it’ll just look like a typed-up, fancy resume that potentially screams “douche”.

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

2. Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your niche.

Now you’re ready to mingle.

It’s like the virtual version of joining alumni events or in-person networking events.

Joining groups in your niche not only highlights your visibility, but it’s a great way for you to keep connecting to people who could either be:

Potential customers and/or current customers you could actually nurture and keep happy.

3. Ready to invest? Try out LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

A paid LinkedIn service.

Now if you’re serious AF about building your lead generation strategy, then this paid subscription is for you.

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Once you subscribe, you gain access to pretty robust features like: Lead Builder, Advanced Search, Saved Leads, Account Pages, and InMail.

These features give you an upper hand when looking at profiles and building your “lead bank”, as you are now privy to more details about people you could connect with.

Basically, it’s an efficient way to target an audience (think of it like a premium Tinder or Bumble account, where you could see who’s swiped right to you) so you can save time, and essentially, money.

4. Post valuable and relatable content.

Share content your audience would care about. It’s not just about the numbers. You need to put out stories that focus on solving the problems your audience cares about.

It’s about highlighting your thought leadership while making sure your readers can easily spot “what’s in it for them”.

Feeling like you’ve got writer’s block? Here are some ideas on what to write about!

???? Reshared articles or posts

???? Opinion pieces to highlight your expertise

???? Employee stories

???? Company updates

???? Tips and listicles

And if you ever get stuck in a content rut, well… @Standout Authority may just be the solution you’re looking for! I know it’s a shameless plug, but that’s why we’re here. ????

5. Leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search engine

Time to get specific. The more you can narrow down your search, the better. No more throwing spaghetti strategies on a wall and hoping a noodle sticks.

When you can search for specific job titles, locations, or industries, it makes it a whole lot easier for you to drill down and specifically target people you can connect with.

Provided, of course, that you know exactly who your customers are!

6. Building your LinkedIn connections over time.

Intentionally connect those in your target niche or industry. Don’t just mindlessly click the connect button like there’s no tomorrow.

Now that you know LinkedIn has advanced search filters, this makes connecting a lot more intentional!

Create a connection-building plan so you can continuously expand your reach.

And once you implement all 6 steps like clockwork, trust me when I say that your LinkedIn profile will start acquiring leads like moths to a flame!

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