3 Personal Branding Trends to Make Your Brand More Human in 2023

Oh 2022… what another year it was. It showed us that no matter what we plan for or even expect that new challenges continue to arise and try to get in the way of our progress. But knowing that, how can we prepare and be ready for just about anything in 2023?  

 I have some thoughts on that and what we might expect this year, from the workplace to home and all points in between, keep reading to find out some of my new predictions!

1. We’ll Find Ways to Make Remote Work More Human:

By 2024, we’re going to see brand new models of work, especially hybrid work. Business leaders had to scramble during the pandemic to figure out how to keep business moving while employees were scattered. But now we’ve had time to start to completely refine how that hybrid work model treats employees. Business leaders will continue to figure out how to nurture relationships between employees who are physically distant while also ensuring they feel connected. With new technology and creative retreats that bring entire teams together, the level of collaboration will become more precise and more fulfilling for the entire workforce.

2. We’ll Be More Mindful of Our Well-Being:

One thing the pandemic did was make us all take a step back and rethink our priorities. People are looking for ways to reduce stress and burnout and stay healthy at home and at work. Employers are stepping up to the plate to rethink things too. Options like flexible work hours and other virtual ideas to keep employees and teams in touch and working toward the common goals of better work and home life will come much more into focus.  

3. Increased Focus on Mental Health:

Speaking of well-being, we’ve become much more aware of our organizations mental health and it’s high time that we as entrepreneurs have the right policies in place to help support employees facing increased stress and burnout and even depression. By giving employees the space to heal not just their bodies but their minds without fear of reprisal or other consequences related to mental health. Combine that with more (and better) access to benefits, resources, therapy sessions and self-care tools will make a huge difference in the new year.

4. Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability:

We’re now clearly seeing some of the results of a changing climate. Proactive companies are putting new policies in place to help manage the threat. Reducing carbon footprints, investing in renewable energy sources, reducing waste by recycling and participating in carbon offsetting programs is a big step forward. In addition give your employees the incentives they need to reduce their own consumption of resources at work and at home. Heading into 2023, there will  be increasing pressure on businesses to commit to ambitious sustainability goals.  

5. Adaptation of AI Technology:

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly advanced, employers must make sure they understand the implications of this new tech for their businesses — both in terms of potential benefits as well as ethical considerations. AI can help to automate mundane tasks, make decisions faster and enhance customer experience, but there’s a need for clear guidelines on how these algorithms are used and how it affects workplace productivity and morale.  

2023 is here and it’s up to us to be able to tackle whatever new challenges we might face and continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic at home and at work. As always, it’s important that we stay agile and remain open-minded so that we can take advantage of opportunities for growth and development. With the right attitude and strategy, I believe this could be the year where we find solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

Here’s to making 2023 count!????  


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