Why Change Is Your Path to Growth

Since I left Los Angeles to discover life’s mysteries and beauty, I have lived in five different US states and traveled to 5 different continents. What’s crazy, is that I have literally packed up my bags about every 2 years. And every time I do, I get incredibly emotional. Anxious. Excited. Scared. I believe in a life of no regrets. Of no, “I should have done…” If I’m not continuously searching, learning and changing, I get scared of becoming complacent and dull.

Change and uncertainty is scary as f*ck

For some reason, if I’m not staring over the edge of a mountain looking down at a deep unknown path, I’m anxious. Because I know that every time I take a huge leap, my life is enriched and I become a better version of myself.

Which is why I’m about to begin a new chapter in my life settling in Austin, TX. For the first time, I’m putting my relationship and my desire for love and a family before my career and friends. I’m going on a path where the stones are being set as I walk.

Onwards and Upwards

Every year I think to myself, where will I be next year? Will I have accomplished all that I thought?

My hope in this next journey is to find my true, most authentic self. My purpose in this life. Which goes far beyond a job and income. I want to take my inner most desires and bring them to life so I can touch the world. Because when I can bring my purpose, passion, and relationships into one integrated life, I know I’ll change this world.

I have started to uncover my true purpose in the last 3 years. From graduating with my MBA to starting a corporate job at Microsoft, to creating a new beautiful relationship, my sense of self is blossoming. But I have so much more to go. I think we all do.

In the last year, I’ve realized that my passion is around women’s growth. I have a unique ability to connect with women, making them feel loved, motivated and confident. That’s why I created a community called Rhea. A group to bring together badass women, and foster a community of belonging, support and confidence. I’ve realized that women must first understand themselves and their power. And then we can bring forth the inclusiveness we desire. My hope is to work alongside men, our partners, to create a more diverse and inclusive society and workforce.

So when you’re freaking out…

As I step into an unknown path and experience this change, I’ve thought of a few things that I think may help you if you’re trying to figure out your life:

  • Love is the only the answer when faced with change and fear
  • Fear means you’re rescripting your life and on the path to your true self
  • When life is scary, dig into the present moment and take one day at a time
  •  It’s okay to not know the answers and be in control. Patience breeds confidence.
  • Hold onto those who love you FOR YOU. Your raw most honest self. That is your tribe

Wish me luck during my new season of change. If you’re experiencing something new in your life, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. And we’ll all be okay. We’ll kick ass.

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