What is Social Listening? Pt.1

The idea of Social Listening to customers and potential customers is nothing new and as a result, social listening is now important business.

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Businesses are listening because they want to engage directly with customers to drive insights and make fruitful decisions. Social Listening is a course of action of finding Insights into social media conversations.

It gathers social media posts that are relevant to a brand, campaign or topics and analyses the stored information to find insights and trends. Social listening can be done through different online tools.

Social listening has become one of the most effective ways for researchers to understand how people perceive brands and trends. Social listening delivers a wealth of Insights.

Social media analytics can bring a host of powerful insights for developing a better-targeted and efficient content marketing strategy. Social media plays a significant role in brand communication.

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Brands had not very close relationships with customers or any real-time conversations from every corner of the world before the arrival of Facebook or Twitter.

Knowing your audience is important when you’re developing content and social listening is a better way to grab customers.

Social listening can discover Insights such as:

  • What are the different opinions that social media users have about your brand?
  • Who is talking about your brand, product, industry or topic of interest?
  • What social media platform does your target market use the most?
  • What topics do your competitors chat about?
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The social listening process will involve: First, monitor social media channels for posts which include specific keywords or topics, and Second, analyze all posts to reveal the common themes and the expected conclusions.

Social listening is typically used by marketers in the following terms:

  • To keep social media marketing strategies on course and delivering results
  • To increase brand awareness and improve brand sentiment
  • To build useful and informative content for your customers
  • To get new ideas and develop new marketing or Ad campaign
  • To track the competitor’s efforts to weaken your brand and identify competitive advantage
  • Brand’s Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Crisis or Issue management
  • Innovation and product management
  • Influencer Identification

STAY TUNED…Next Week in Your Weekly Dopamine Dose, we will cover What’s Social Listening part 2 and dive into benefits of social listening.

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