Motivational Quotes Are NOT Enough, Here is What Really Works

I’m not sure why we as a society have decided that the only way to get up in the morning is by hitting the snooze button a few times, getting out of bed and walking into a mundane day of work that is not filled with passion and excitement about what you do each day. Well I am really here to change all that! But first let’s take a look at some reasons why most people wake up feeling depleted every day.

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4 Reasons you wake up unhappy

    1. You hit the snooze button too many times. And instead of giving yourself the proper amount of sleep that our bodies truly need (which is 8 hours) we give ourselves more than we need and then complain that we are tired the next day. Well, duh. Its like saying to yourself “hey I want to be productive today so instead of giving myself 8 hours at night I am going to give myself 5 hours”… yes you probably will get more accomplished but at what cost? No one is happy with the amount of sleep they got and yet it’s such a simple change in our lives to start getting a good night’s rest.
    2. You don’t have an end result or vision for your day. Do you wake up every morning with excitement about the possibilities and opportunities that this new day will bring? Or do you sluggishly roll out of bed knowing there is work that needs done but not knowing what needs to be done or why you need to do it? By having a vision for your day you start the day out with excitement about getting things done and being productive versus just going through the motions.
    3. You don’t use your time wisely during the day. Would you wash your car every single night before bedtime, if so then why would you spend 30 minutes in front of your computer each night when there are so many more important things that could be accomplished during that time! The world is changing and we can no longer live by doing things that our parents did because it’s easy (i.e. watching TV all evening or gossiping with friends at home). Get up and get out! Go for walks, take a class at the local college, spend time with your family or just read a good book in the park. Don’t be afraid to do something that you enjoy during this precious time of day in your life.
    4. You don’t believe you’re capable! The world is waiting for those who are willing to work hard and have great ideas but too many people are held back by their own limiting beliefs about what they think they can accomplish. I have heard so many times “I would love to become a published author some day, but I don’t know how to write a book.” Well if you read all the information out there on how to write a novel then anyone can do it…all that stuff is out there, all you need is a goal and the determination to get it done. If you have ever thought about starting your own business don’t let anything hold you back! Your reason not to start should be because you want to learn more information beforehand or because you are nervous…but never because there is something holding you back from becoming successful in life. Be an optimist and enjoy being ambitious while achieving your goals each day!
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What can we do differently? 

Well, first off, I would like for everyone who reads this article to decide “right now” that they will change their lives by improving each of these 4 areas of their daily routine. But what else? How do we jump out of bed excited about another day of getting things done?

Start by being more assertive with yourself,

you are your own boss

and if you want to change your life, change it!

Don’t just think about how to make changes

but go out there and do it right now.

Be determined that today is going to be a great day,

because it’s filled with possibilities of greatness!

Are you ready to start using the power of positive thinking in order to become successful? 

Do not wait another second…go out there and get started on changing your life for the better forever! Believe me when I say that this will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made. 

By making small changes each day in all of the above areas you will soon see that your overall quality of life is going to be much better and happier. I hope that everyone who reads this article takes it to heart and starts making positive changes in their lives each day!

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