3 Steps to Use Data to Improve Your LinkedIn Content Strategy

LinkedIn In currently has over 950 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. This makes it a fantastic platform to expand your reach. Trust me, your people are here!

If you’ve been posting for a while and not seeing any traction, your content creation strategy likely needs some tweaking.

I’ve been in the game for a while, and one of the most meaningful tools that many creators miss out on is using analytics.

Analytics can help you leverage information that is already at your fingertips to create content that truly resonates with your audience.

What more do you need?

Here are three steps (and a few bonus tips) you can take to start using data to exponentially grow your exposure on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

Here’s the thing, if you want to connect more deeply with your audience, you need to understand them.

– Who are they?

– What are their pain points?

– Objections?

– Needs?

🔺 Bonus Tip: Use AI to generate detailed customer personas, an easy and insightful way to explore what matters to your niche audience.

While you’re refining who you serve – understand who is already in your world.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn Analytics to understand the traffic to your page – your loyal followers and curious visitors. Get to know the jobs, industries and locations of the people in your audience, so you can cater your content to their needs.

LinkedIn Analytics

Use LinkedIn Analytics to learn about your Audience

Another way to get to know your audience?

Check out your competitors. Observe what makes their content valuable, what others are engaging with, what’s interesting or different, and use this qualitative data point to inspire your content strategy.

Step 2: Create Outstanding Content

To be seen as an expert you need to consistently show up, however let’s be real, you can’t possibly know everything.

Choose 2-3 topics you know well and focus on sharing your expertise.

Turn on your creator mode. Creator mode on LinkedIn boosts reach, influence, and content creation capabilities. Turning this mode on will help the growth of your audience base.

I’ve combined my topics with creator mode hashtags for even more reach.

Profile Topic Hastags

Utilize all 5 hashtags available in your creator mode

🔺 Bonus tip: If you need some inspiration, you can use AI tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to help you find emerging trends and topics in your niche.

5 things to keep in mind when creating content:

🔵 Share content in different formats: video, carousels, polls, infographics, newsletters, lives, posts, etc.

🔵 Share photos, personal stories, and anecdotes; people love to see the face behind the brand and be part of your journey.

🔵 Merge trending, relevant topics with your content pillars and be bold when sharing your personal opinion.

🔵 Share valuable takeaways and keep your audience engaged with strong CTAs.

🔵 Continue the conversation in the DMs or comment section.

Remember: Your main goal should be to create valuable, relatable, sharable content for your audience.

Step 3: Gain Insight Through Analytics

LinkedIn Post Analytics

Review your LinkedIn Posts Analytics Regularly

On LinkedIn Analytics you can easily review your impressions, clicks, reactions, comments, etc. and figure out which type of posts your audience loved.

You’ll want to dive a little deeper to understand why they enjoyed your post (e.g., formatting, topic, tone of voice).

The goal here is not to recreate the same post over and over again, it’s to note what worked and what didn’t and do more of the things that spark excitement.

Review your content analytics regularly to keep up with your audience’s changing needs and interests and keep your content fresh.

Analytics in Action

Here’s a few examples of what’s been working well for myself and Rachel B. Lee over the past month …because who would I be if I just left you with some tips without also showing you REAL RESULTS. 💥

You may be surprised to learn that my most viewed post last month wasn’t one where I shared tips or tricks related to marketing strategy, it was one where I got real about some life transitions that are up ahead for our #famiLEE and how I’m navigating that while running a successful business.

Alt Text: LinkedIn Post on Fatherhood x Entrepreneurship

Joshua B. Lee Personal Authentic Post

Posts That are More Personal Perform Well

Why this post worked:

✅ Personal Photo: So, people can connect with the faces behind the brand.

✅ Life Event: Sharing something significant in your life allows people to be part of your journey.

✅ Valuable Takeaways: Provide insights and realizations from your journey.

Check out the full post here.

…and for Rachel, the post that performed the best was the one where her authenticity shone through.

Alt Text: LinkedIn Post on AI x Personal Branding

Rachel B. Lee Authentic Post

Let your Authenticity Shine Through in Your Posts

What makes this post click-worthy?

✅ Graphic: Showing your face on LinkedIn will give you a better chance at stopping the scroll.

✅ Trending Topic: Connecting a relevant, trending topic (AI) to one of her content pillars (personal branding).

✅ Controversial Tone: Speak in a way that evokes emotions.

Check out the full post here.

By embracing analytics, understanding your audience, and crafting exceptional content, you’re not just navigating the waves of change – you’re riding them to new heights of engagement and opportunity.

Here’s to sparking exciting conversations, forging meaningful connections, and making your mark on LinkedIn!

📢 There is no B2B or B2C, there is only H2H. Human to Human connection, as every company is run by another human being.

We have forgotten how to authentically connect and engage in the digital age of automation. 🙌

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