If you are serious about generating leads with LinkedIn, getting a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account is not an option.

It will be a game-changer for your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns.

Here is why.

1. Search Among almost 800 millions Leads With Advanced Filters

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers 30 filters to search for leads into LinkedIn database.

Unlike the free version of LinkedIn, there is no limit in the number of search you can make.

Filters are divided into several categories:

  • Company
  • Function
  • Personal
  • Workflow
  • Spotlight
  • Posted Content
  • And much more…

Spotlight category is quite interesting as it includes dynamic filters that detect job changes, mentions in the news, sharing of experiences etc…

These filters provides good icebreakers for your messages, you can mention:

  • a post they recently published
  • an experience you share
  • a common connection with teamlink intro
  • a recent job change

All this data is really useful to write personalize messages to your prospects.

Another interesting filter is “Posted Content”

This will give all the people that have posted or commented a post containing a specific keyword.

You are able to see the post by clicking on “Posted on LinkedIn” below the About section.

If someone is creating or engaging with content related to your niche, it is likely to be a good prospect right?

I won’t make a thorough description of every filters here because the best way to learn is to start playing with them.

Now you may wonder:

How should I do when I am happy with my search results?


You could create a lead list with the best ones.

2. Create Qualified Lead Lists

Once your search results are ready, you might want to handpick some leads to save them into a list.

To do this, just click on the checkboxes on the left > click on Add to List then “+”

Once your leads are saved into a lead, you will be able to access them through the “Lead List” tab

There is many things you can do here like:

  • Add notes on the leads
  • Filter based on dynamic filters
  • Send connection requests
  • Send InMails

You can come back anytime to this interface , take notes, send messages and visit lead or company profile to gather some insights.

If the vast majority of your leads are on linkedin you can use this interface as your CRM.

And there is a cool bonus to add leads to lists

Let me show you.

3. Use Lead Alerts to Get More Replies

When you add leads to list you immediately get notified when they:

  • publish a post
  • share a post
  • change job

This give you amazing opportunities to follow-up on your prospect by sending message like:

“Hey John, just noticed you move to <company_name>. Congrats! All the best for this new adventure”

You can bookmark alerts to save them for later if you need to.

If you click on View, the LinkedIn post will open on the left and you will be able to like and comment directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This is really convenient if you want to break the ice with your prospect by commenting the content they publish.

You can see that LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers many features to find and create relationships with potential customers.

But this not the end…

There are so many way to leverage and use Sales Navigator to find, connect and build relationships with your idea audience. So make sure to join our new discord community where I go through all of them and so much more.


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