It’s no secret that the Metaverse, Web3 and cryptocurrencies are making huge waves across industries everywhere.

 If brands haven’t already started planning and pursuing brand building in the Metaverse, now’s the time. We’re already seeing brands create Web3 experiences that are authentic to who the brand is – and creators, brands and businesses everywhere should be taking note.

 One of the brands that has taken initiative towards brand building in Web3 is Nike

Nike is taking the metaverse by storm with a web3-enabled platform. This new endeavor will allow Nike customers to “learn about, collect and eventually help co-create virtual creations, which are typically interactive digital objects, such as virtual shoes or jerseys,” according to the company.

This new Web3 development by Nike is going to allow customers to co-create the brand. It’s a revolutionary way of democratizing a brand that so many people know and love.

 Brands everywhere should be taking note of Nike’s new announcement. Here’s why…

Creating in the Metaverse

What’s so awesome about Web3 is that it allows consumers to be a part of creating what they consume. Rather than a monopoly of brands, consumers finally have a voice.

As we see the gradual shift from Web2 to Web3 (something that’s clearly already happening based off of Nike’s latest Web3 announcement), it’s going to be more and more important that brands know how to effectively build their brand in this new realm.

So what does brand building and creating in the metaverse look like?

If you didn’t already know, our FamiLEE has created a creator coin that allows our community to invest in this crypto coin, keep the coin and hold onto it as it grows. Coin holders get special access to one-on-one coaching, training and other unique offerings that are 100% relevant to our personal brand.

Along with Nike’s new Web3 endeavor, this is another example of building a brand in the metaverse. If you know our FamiLEE, you know that community, authenticity and human connection are so important to us. To us, that is our personal brand.

In Web3, we’ve taken this love for community and connection and created a space where other creators can experience that – all with unique offerings that we can’t provide on Web2 platforms.

With all of this being said, the commonality between what we’ve created in Web3 and what Nike has created is authenticity to our personal brands.

Brands, creators and businesses need to be able to adapt their current personal brand for the metaverse. That way you can not only survive in Web3, but thrive in Web3.

Building Your Personal Brand in Web3

To continue to grow as a creator, business or brand in Web3, the number one most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to stay true to your personal brand.

Web3 allows creators, businesses and brands to let their customers and communities be a part of what’s being created. Which is what makes it so amazing. No other realm allows this.

But that also means that the way you build your brand will look different than what you’ve been doing before. Despite this, your personal brand should stay the same.

Building your brand in the metaverse is all about finding a way to take the personal brand you already have, and carry it over to Web3. This will look different for everyone of course. But as Nike did, they created a means for people to design and sell sneakers in the metaverse. This is so on brand for the company.

Every brand that takes on the metaverse needs to find a way to stay on brand while creating in the metaverse.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that building your brand in Web3 is so important for being able to continue to evolve as the platforms that we use evolve. But in order to successfully build your brand, you need to stay authentic to who your brand is.

Don’t try to build an entirely new brand for Web3. Instead, take your community that loves your brand for what it is and bring them over to the Metaverse where they can continue to be a part of the brand – at an even deeper level!


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