Content Marketing 101: How to Build a Strategy that Sets You Up for Success

In today’s digital world, content marketing is necessary if you want to grow your business. However, it takes more than creating a few flashy posts, you need to have a thoughtful strategy if you want to turn your audience into loyal followers.

The average person spends 3 hours a day scrolling through their social feeds. 🤯

Content Marketing Drawing Board

Content marketing is necessary if you want to grow your business.

On LinkedIn alone, 37% of users are hopping on to learn new things, while 27% of users are looking to keep up with brands and products (Hubspot).

If you’re not creating content to attract people to your business, you’re missing out.

💣 Why is Content Marketing so Powerful?

Content Marketing helps you build authority in your niche. By consistently sharing valuable content you can position yourself as the go to expert that people can trust.

It’s also a great way to build relationships. By sharing personal, relatable content, people feel connected with you and your brand.

With the right strategy, you can position your content to attract quality leads (i.e., the people who can benefit the most from your services).

By using the right keywords, especially on LinkedIn, your content can be indexed and found on powerful search engines like Google, expanding your visibility.

Google Search Engine

Your content can be indexed and found on powerful search engines like Google.

5 Ways to Create a Standout Content Marketing Strategy

Here is how you can build a meaningful content marketing strategy:

1. Define Your Audience/Niche

Be clear who you are speaking to:

  • What industry do you serve?
  • Who are the right people to contact?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How can your services support them?
  • Who are your competitors?

Use these questions to build out customer personas (or leverage ChatGPT – New! to create them for you) so that you can be clear who you serve.

2. Take them on a Journey

Before someone invests in you, they need to go on a journey with your brand

It’s called the know-like-trust principle.

🔸 Phase I: KNOW – This phase is all about increasing visibility. People need to discover your brand, see what it’s all about and learn enough to make them follow you or send a request to connect.

On LinkedIn, a simple way to do this is by crafting a stand out profile that clearly shows your expertise, what you do, and how people can work with you.

LinkedIn Post by Joshua B. Lee

Crafting a stand out profile will help you to increase visibility.

🔸 Phase II: LIKE – Connect with your audience by sharing authentic, relatable content. Let people know who you are, what you value, your passions, and even what you like and dislike. People are more likely to work with someone they feel they can relate to.

Here’s an example of how I share authentically with my audience (full post here):

LinkedIn Post by Joshua B. Lee

“I knew I needed to make a change: STEP UP. BOSS UP. And share my story.”

3. Content Ideas & Branding

If you want your content to hit it out of the park, you’ll need to be intentional with what you create and share. Today you can use AI tools like Chat GPT to help you brainstorm ideas for content related to your niche.

You’ll also want to establish a consistent brand voice and build a cohesive online presence – including brand pillars, brand colors, and determining hashtags that people in your niche are likely to follow.

Rachel B. Lee released a really great newsletter that can guide you to improve your personal brand: 3 Steps to Get Clear on your Personal Brand and Reach your Goals.

4. Create Your Content Calendar

If you want to be a reliable voice in your area of expertise, you need to show up consistently and you’ll need a game plan.

Decide how many times you want to post per month (potentially even specific days of the week), which pillars you want to cover, and be sure to share a variety of content that is entertaining, relatable, and educational.

Tools such as are great for scheduling and allow you to collaborate with multiple team members, it’s what we personally use at StandOut Authority.

5. Check Your Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most under-utilized tools on social media. Take a look at your past content and understand what is sitting well with your audience so that you can create more just like that.

This is something that you should be doing on a regular basis, because just like you and your brand will evolve, so will your audience’s interests.

Let’s face it – no one likes seeing advertisements.

Strategic content marketing is the perfect way to attract your people without being salesy.

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