The Rise of AI in Professional Networking: Unlocking New Opportunities Part Two

ChatGPT – New! definitely wasn’t the first AI tool to enter the arena 🤖, and yet, it’s reigned supreme since its inception.

In a previous Dopamine Dose, I gave you an extensive list of some of the top AI tools out there in the market today; but I can’t help but be biased in saying that ChatGPT has outranked and outperformed most of them.


There seems to be a new player in town. 👀

Could it be that Claude 2 could be the Thanos to ChatGPT? Well, if you’re just as curious as I was, keep reading. I decided to put both to the test by giving them the same prompts to find out which one wins this Ultimate AI Battle.



Claude AI vs ChatGPT

A High-level Comparison of Claude AI & ChatGPT

ChatGPT, once the undisputed king of the AI playground, may have met its match. Claude’s older brother, Claude 2, has come into the fray with claims of enhanced capabilities. So how do these two titans compare against each other?

🔵 Training Data

Claude 2 boasts training data that extends until early 2023. In contrast, ChatGPT’s data cuts off in 2021. Round one goes to Claude 2.

🔵 Capabilities

Claude 2’s context window reaches a whopping 200,000 tokens. While it started with 100,000 tokens, there’s potential for more. Meanwhile, ChatGPT maxes out at 32,000 tokens.

Claude 2 can process full novels, while ChatGPT specializes in shorter content.

Claude 2’s coding capabilities shine brightly, transforming maps into interactive visuals and even coding a snake game from scratch.

However, ChatGPT has a broader range of file compatibility, including JPEGs and PNGs, and shows off with a collection of plugins that Claude 2 lacks.

Round two is awarded to ChatGPT (depending on your requirements😉).

🔵 Personality

When it comes to conversational charm, Claude 2 emerges as the more empathetic and responsive AI, while ChatGPT remains neutral and emotionless. Round 3 goes to Claude 2.

🔵 Benchmarks

In various benchmark tests, Claude 2 outperforms ChatGPT-4 in areas like truthful QA, coding, and GSM8K. But ChatGPT-4 shows higher competence in the GRE, Bar Exam, and MMLU, proving that it still reigns supreme in raw knowledge. ChatGPT takes this round.

🔵 Safety

Claude 2 is built with enhanced safety features and is designed to minimize biases and avoid potential misuse. The brand even collaborated with the Alignment Research Center to ensure top-tier safety.

While ChatGPT’s potential to develop self-seeking attributes raises some concerns, Claude 2’s safety measures give it the upper hand. Claude 2 takes Round 5.

🔵 Cost

A crucial factor for users: ChatGPT comes with a $20/month price tag, while Claude 2 is free. Clearly, Claude 2 wins this round.


Claude 2 takes the crown with a 4-2 lead. While ChatGPT has a slight edge in capabilities and pure knowledge, Claude 2 excels in its up-to-date information, improved safety measures, coding expertise, and unbeatable cost (free!).

BUT… I decided not to stop there.

Look, we all know how this goes – the latest trend comes along and suddenly folks are ready to toss the tried-and-true out like yesterday’s jam. I get it. But let’s think about this for a second. The right tool depends on the job you need done and the hand doing it.

For me, when it comes to spinning up content, reworking old material, and mapping strategy, ChatGPT hits the marks. But that’s just for my purposes.

You’ve got your own needs to consider. So before you jump on the latest bandwagon, think about what you really require.

I decided to PUT IT TO THE TEST by giving both tools the same basic prompts, just to see which AI tool generates THE best content I could potentially use as a springboard for posts.

Keep in mind that these are basic prompts and not super advanced, as I wanted to test out what someone with very little skills could achieve with these platforms:


Of course, this was the first prompt I wanted to test out…

1st ChatGPT Prompt

ChatGPT Prompt

Claude AI
1st Claude AI Prompt

Claude AI Prompt

I’d have to admit Claude’s output was quite impressive (though, of course, it could use some tweaking and a bit of personalization and emojis here and there). I like how it broke down the post, how it sounded more like “me”, and how clearly it churned out the output.

No hashtags in the end compared to ChatGPT, but hey, that’s pretty easy to add, right? This round definitely goes to Claude AI; but I think it won by just a slight margin. Let’s keep going.


Let’s face it. As creatives, we tend to run out of ideas eventually. So, I was curious as to which one could generate the best content ideas I could use for future posts.

2nd ChatGPT Prompt

Chat GPT Prompt

Claude AI
2nd Claude AI Prompt

Claude AI Prompt


AI vs AI

Claude AI vs ChatGPT

I have to say that I’m still sticking to ChatGPT…for now…but I’m definitely not shying away from trying out other tools if it means leveraging the best of the best.

With this in mind, though, I gotta ask you: Do you think ChatGPT is getting worse compared to when it first came out?

There’s a growing concern about ChatGPT supposedly “getting dumber”, with many in the online community noting its reduced response quality.

While some users believe OpenAI is compromising quality to reduce costs, the company denies any performance degradation. A Stanford and UC Berkeley research highlighted fluctuating ChatGPT performances over a few months, but its findings faced criticism over methodology.

One challenge identified is the unpredictability of Large Language Models, which disrupts established user workflows. The main issue for many is OpenAI’s lack of transparency.

The debate remains: Is ChatGPT’s perceived decline real, or just a perception?

The uncertainty has left many considering alternative platforms…are you one of many? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 💭

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