LinkedIn polls are an incredible tool for direct engagement with your audience! Don't just put out a poll and let it sit there

If you’re not using polls in your LinkedIn marketing strategy you’re missing out on a goldmine of opportunity.

They’re hands down one of the most versatile and powerful things you can implement for your brand and your business.

They’re amazing for increasing your engagement with your audience and finding out what really makes them tick.

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Not only are they a powerful source of information, they’re easy to create and take a lot less time than creating other kinds of content.  

Here’s just a few of the things you can discover when you start to use polls in your LinkedIn Strategy:  

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1) Find out what your audience really wants – with a simple 4 or 5 question poll you can get direct feedback on what your tribe is really looking for. This type of poll can give you invaluable insight into what you should be providing to your audience, you’ll learn things you might never have even considered.  

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2) Find out how your audience likes to consume their content – Do they love videos more than written content? Do they prefer shorter or longer posts? What makes them excited to learn the things you have to share with them and then put it into action.

3) Discover who’s actually in your audience – Do you really know who you’re talking to? A quick poll about their positions, their industry or their interests can bring you information you might never get any other way. When you know exactly who you’re talking to, it gives you the chance to connect with them on a much deeper level and give you even more tools to craft your content in a way that they’ll keep coming back for.  

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4) Get exact feedback on your products or services – 

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What is your audience actually consuming? If you’re trying to hone your products or services, one of the very best ways to find out… is to ask! Especially if your sales ar

e struggling or you’re planning a brand new offering to your audience ask them directly what they want. You may be able to find ways to tweak your products to make them irresistible to your audience and get a whole lot more sales in the process.  

5) Stimulate the conversation – LinkedIn polls are an incredible tool for direct engagement with your audience! Don’t just put out a poll and let it sit there. Reach out to anyone in your audience who comments or takes your poll. It’s a chance to get even more acquainted with your audience and give them even more reasons to continue to stay engaged with you for the long term, don’t miss out on making those real human connections. By showing them you’re actually listening to them it goes a long way toward them becoming not just connections but paying clients.  

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6) Make your polls FUN – Even if your ultimate goal is to make more sales and gain more understanding of your audience, make them fun for your connections to take. Keep them lighthearted and interesting and you’ll see engagement skyrocket, not to mention have your audience waiting impatiently for your next poll. 

7) Use polls to spot the trends – If you’re in a very specific industry or niche you need to have your fingers on the pulse of your industry. Dropping a poll that asks your audience about what’s hit their radar can give you information about new tools or trends you need to be aware of and capitalize on for your own company growth. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to stay on top of trends on your own, and a whole lot less time consuming than trying to do your own research. 

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8) Make sure to use the captions and hashtags – When you create a poll in LinkedIn there’s a section for a caption. Use it. Write a short description about what the poll is about and why you’re creating it in the first place. There’s also a section for hashtags, use these too. Hashtags can get picked up by the LinkedIn algorithm and show your poll to people who might not have otherwise seen it!   

It doesn’t stop with just these top tips either. Polls are one of the most underutilized yet powerful tools you can use on LinkedIn to grow your brand, your authority and your business.  

One last thing, I use polls in my own business on a regular basis. Put them in regular rotation and use the results to boost your business!  

I hope you got some useful and relevant information from this week’s Dopamine Dose, and I’ll be back with more in our next installment. 

Joshua B. Lee 

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