Exciting news! LinkedIn is currently releasing a new “Clickable Link” feature.  

You’re probably wondering, “Doesn’t LinkedIn already allow hyperlinks?” In text, yes. But this new LinkedIn “Clickable Link” feature gives creators the ability to add a link directly to visual media content. With this new update, you can add a “Link Sticker” to your photos or videos on LinkedIn. This feature is going to be a brand new way to bring authority to your posts and create more engaging content.  

Accessing LinkedIn’s Newest Feature 

So how does it work? When using the mobile app to post a picture, you can add a clickable link sticker with a short written description. Your audience can click on this link sticker which will lead them to an external link. This brand new feature was announced by Geri Silver, a creative manager at LinkedIn.  

In her announcement, Geri mentions that this feature is only available on LinkedIn mobile.

So if you’ve been using LinkedIn on a desktop, you’ll have to download the mobile app in order to access this feature. The good news is that desktop users will still be able to click on the link sticker that you’ve added to your post. So while not all LinkedIn users can add this new feature to their posts, all users can access this feature on other’s posts.

Additionally, this feature is only available to LinkedIn creators right now. So to access this feature on the LinkedIn mobile app, make sure that you have creator mode turned on. (Side note, this new feature is just one of the many reasons why you should turn creator mode on. Being a LinkedIn creator also gives you access to LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Newsletters, and LinkedIn Audio Rooms. It’s a more efficient and engaging way to share your thought leadership with the community!) 

Once you’ve taken all of the steps to ensure access to the new LinkedIn clickable link feature, you’re ready to start taking your posts to the next level. Photo and video content is a wonderful way to create more engaging and authentic content for your audience — and this feature brings it to a new level! Use the clickable link sticker to bring a new layer to your posts and drive more traffic to your desired URL. This could be your personal website, a blog, a community you host outside of LinkedIn, and so much more! The CTA opportunities are practically endless with this new feature.  

While this new LinkedIn feature isn’t going to make any huge changes for the platform, it can certainly impact the way you create and post. The clickable link feature is a great tool for creators looking to give their audiences more insight into their thought leadership and the work they do.  

As a creator, there are definitely more than three ways to use this feature, but I want to share just a few ideas of mine to give you some inspiration.  

3 ways to use the New LinkedIn “Clickable Link” Feature could be: 

  • When posting a picture or video about a topic, add a link to your website, blog or newsletter where you cover this topic at a deeper level.  
  • Use the link as a CTA to promote your business or passion project. 
  • Link your personal LinkedIn profile to give audiences an extra CTA to connect with you on LinkedIn!  

There are countless ways you can use this new feature to engage your audience — these are just a few.  

I’m definitely looking forward to creating content with this feature, as well as seeing how the rest of the LinkedIn community will utilize this new feature! 


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