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Why is authority so important?

Two big reasons…

1) Researchers, Including Robert Cialdini and Martin Seligman, have shown how authority is one of the most powerful persuasion elements. Simply, you make more sales easier when people who are interested in what you offer see you as the authority.
2) As we get busier and choices expand, decisions are harder. ”The confused mind says NO”
Indecision runs rampant. The Internet only adds to the problem. But there is a way out… Authority. When you rise above your competition towering over them like a skyscraper over buildings and shops, they choose you.



Many of the top media publication see this trend including this piece in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine


When you have your Authority built to the level of celebrity in your industry... you become your prospects' obvious choice.



Today instant trust is Most Important.

Your prospects will have to get to know you and like you.

They'll only take the time to do this if they trust you first. An Authority figure is almost instantly trusted.

Alright, what’s the blueprint?

We put these 7 steps to work for you building your authority into a towering skyscraper in your industry.

1. Authority Architect Creates Your Blueprint
2. Groundbreaking Building
3. Setting Your Strong Foundation
4. Installing Your 4 Titanium Support Pillars
5. Creating Your Sleek Lobby
6. Adding Your Floors - leveling up to the Sky
7. Cresting Your Steeple - ‘You Tower’ Soars Majestically

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