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Our mission is simple.

✔ To guide you to align marketing and sales for maximum effectiveness
✔ To equip you with the mindset needed to engage online,
✔ To provide you the skill set needed to win in the digital economy
✔ To provide the right toolset to navigate the digital sales ecosystem

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Why is authority so important?

Two big reasons…

1) Researchers, Including Robert Cialdini and Martin Seligman, have shown how authority is one of the most powerful persuasion elements. Simply, you make more sales easier when people who are interested in what you offer see you as the authority.

2) As we get busier and choices expand, decisions are harder. ”The confused mind says NO”

Indecision runs rampant. The Internet only adds to the problem. But there is a way out… Authority. When you rise above your competition towering over them like a skyscraper over buildings and shops, they choose you.

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Josh has been someone that I’ve been able to go to for years for guidance on such a variety of different topics. As someone that manages a few different businesses, it’s difficult to speak with anyone that doesn’t have the experience otherwise. There are so many different things from operations, legal structures, hiring, etc that is unique to those that run multiple entities. Josh’s experience always offers up clarity, and more importantly actionable advice that you can take to really help work on your business. Josh gives you a holistic view of your business so you can be confident that you’ve considered all your paths.

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