Viveka von Rosen

She lost her house, relationship and business in one fell swoop because of a bad partner. It opened dormant opportunities and she’s soaring higher than ever now.

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#1 Path to Profits

“If I were starting over, I’d invest in myself sooner. I bootstrapped which is tough. I probably wouldn’t have done the $10,000 real estate get rich quick scheme. I’d invest in outsourcing and assistants sooner to do the menial stuff me and my clients don’t like to do but needs to get done. This has tripled my business.”


Biggest Mistake

“Biggest mistake — be very careful about who you partner with in life and in business. Early on I combined my business life and my personal life and it didn’t end well. I’m grateful though because that relationship introduced me to the possibilities of marketing especially through LinkedIn. But, I lost my home, my relationship and my business all in one fell swoop. That was devastating but allowed me to step out on my own. People contacted me because they wanted to work with me but not while I was partnered with that other person. Do your research and listen to what other people say about potential business partners.”


On Law of Attraction

“I believe Michelangelo said it, ‘Man is reaching up and God is reaching down’. You’ve got to make the effort. You’ve got to put the work in. I work 60 to 80 hour weeks sometimes. I worked my butt off. I have not been able to just sit there on my yoga mat and manifest things just by doing yoga 8 hours a day.”


Conventional Wisdom

“Do what you love and the money will follow does work for a few people. I say do what you love, keep your day job, and the money will follow. I worked my day job for almost a year before I was able to release it and go full-time in business. I’ve seen too many people jump but they don’t have the hang glider strapped to their back and the net doesn’t appear so they crash and burn. And they’ve taken their family down with them.”

Why Listen to Viveka:

Viveka shares:

– how she came back from losing her home, relationship and business in one fell swoop

– how the law of attraction worked for her to get her dream home in Colorado

– The 1 thing she’d do faster if she had to start over

– What advice she follows instead of the ‘burn the boats’ advice most entrepreneurs get

Viveka von Rosen is author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, contributing “expert” to LinkedIn’s official “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide” and is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”.

Viveka is the CEO of Linked Into Business and co-founder of LinkedProspecting and B2BLinkedInTraining, and she also hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter.

Viveka has 30,000+ first level connections and a network of over 38 million people on LinkedIn, and 86,000+ followers on Twitter. Her seminars, webinars and workshops have taught and trained well over 100,000 people.

She has personally worked with executives at The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Bloomberg, Adaptive Insights, AON, Western Union and several other Fortune 500 Companies.

She is regularly asked to speak at conferences and events for thought -leading Social companies like the Social Media Examiner and Marketing Profs.

Forbes has listed her as a top social media influencer for 3 years running, and she has been cited in Money Magazine, Simple Living, Ragan, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, The Miami Herald, Social Media Today and The Social Media Examiner.

She was part of the women’s hang gliding team. She wants to speak in South Africa because she also loves scuba diving with Caribbean reef sharks and Nurse sharks but she likes to avoid Great White sharks. If she’s in South Africa for business, she could combine it with some deep diving pleasure as well.

She’s a serial entrepreneur who’s done many different types of businesses. Her focus has been sales and marketing within those businesses and partnerships.

She’s been an adjunct professor, sold used cars, run educational programs and never gets bored doing what she does now which is training and helping people with LinkedIn. Since social media always changes, there’s always new things to learn and challenges to overcome.

Master’s degree

She’s got her Master’s degree in Native American women’s autobiography which she’s had a hard time weaving into and using in her current business. Go figure.

Some Shareables from Viveka in this episode…

When Starting Out

“I wish I had invested in the team and people who could support me sooner. As well certain software programs can add up but are necessary. $25 on 10 different software programs is $250 but how much time does it save you? It’s better to invest a little money even if you take out a loan.”

Favorite part of entrepreneur’s journey

“Favorite part of my entrepreneurs journey is the people I’ve met and mentors I’ve had. Bob Burg has been a huge supporter. The late Trey Pennington. Mari Smith. I was lucky to start early in the social media world when these people had time for me. And I paid for advice because it’s worth it. Just make sure they’ve had the success themselves first.”

Weirdest Thing

“Fortunately, I’ve been paid for almost every speaking event I’ve done. I was invited to speak at a conference in Puerto Vallarta. It was me, Jamie Turner, Andrea Ball, Lon Safko, Brian Massey and other heavy hitters in the online and social media world. We never got paid. We had to foot the bill for our travel, rooms and I ended up somehow paying for other people’s rooms. I’ve learned don’t be on time for Mexican audiences who would stroll in 30 or 45 minutes after my speech started. I’m usually getting there 45 minutes to 30 minutes early to check all the tech and room setup. The friendships I gained that week did far surpass the cash I lost.”


“With all the law of attraction stuff I don’t know if this is counterintuitive anymore. I regularly meditate and visualize as clearly as I can what I want in my business and future. The other day I was walking along the trail near my house in Colorado. Through the hole in the rocks I could see the house and life I envisioned 10 years ago. This was before LinkedIn and before I thought I could afford a place in Colorado. It absolutely manifested.”

Time Line Therapy

“I just did some work with Adam Adams and the Rebel Brown. They do a hypnosis therapy visualization. Working with them kick started me. It’s like I turned on this faucet of possibilities. These opportunities are just pouring in and I’m having to say ‘No’. It’s a little woo-woo but you’ve still got to do the work. There is a lot of mental, emotional, physical technology to help us.”

Making the leap to full-time entrepreneur

“Maybe I’m a little more cautious. Do what you love and the money will appear but be prepared to take the steps to keep your family safe, fed and housed. There are lots of Dreamweavers out there. Dream weaving is not a bad thing. But there are lots of scam artists out there who’ll take your money, then you never hear from them again. Research and a mentor can really help you here. Keep your day job until you’re comfortable letting it go.”

Big-Money Launches

“It’s true I’ve had many, many friends who’ve made 6 and 7 figures via an online event launch. What’s not often told is they spent $40,000-$60,000 marketing that launch. And 6 or 9 months of time promoting to get to that one hour launch event.”

Passive Income

“An intern who worked for one of the biggest online companies wanted to do for me what he had done for them. I was ecstatic. Another guy contacted me to book speaking gigs for me which I’m excited about. I’ve got one coming up in Denmark. The owner of a huge LinkedIn group that’s right up my alley asked me to be a co-moderator which I’m doing. Alex Mandossian gifted me 30 minutes of his time and he advised me about my blogcast show. It’s called ‘Hot and Hotter Business Time’ with my co-host Jessica Peterson. All of this has poured in out of the blue it feels like.”

Learn more about Viveka:

Her website is where she keeps everybody updated about the latest trends inside of LinkedIn, changes, and up to the minute strategies for how to best leverage the LinkedIn platform the way people are using it at that moment in time. is where she hosts video training courses and knowledge programs to help you get more out of your LinkedIn time and cash investment.

She has a LinkedIn chat on Twitter every Tuesday night at 8 PM Eastern. Her co-moderator Steve Cassidy runs this. They have amazing experts and chatters to help you learn more about LinkedIn.

News Media Viveka von Rosen has been featured in:

– Forbes has listed her as a top social media influencer for 3 years running
– Money Magazine
– Simple Living
– Ragan
– Mashable
– The Miami Herald
– Social Media Today
– Social Media Examiner.


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