Shelby Larson – The $1,000,000 Challenge – How Shelby’s Method Helps Moms Make Legitimate Money from Home and What She’s Doing to Put $1 Million Per Month in the Pockets of Families.

Shelby Larson

The $1,000,000 Challenge – How Shelby’s Method Helps Moms Make Legitimate Money from Home and What She’s Doing to Put $1 Million Per Month in the Pockets of Families.


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$1,000,000 Per Month in the Pockets of Families

“My book project through Entrepreneur Magazine’s publisher is to help 10,000 families make $1,000 per month while still being present parents. My goal is $1 million per month pouring into family’s bank accounts. I want to show them legitimate ways so they don’t have to spend hours slogging through the spammy stuff.”


Biggest Mistake

“Biggest mistake — I feel this is a trap many entrepreneurs fall into… being the one man/woman show for far too long which kills your ability to scale.”


Being an Entrepreneur Blew My Mind…

“Being an entrepreneur blew the lid off my mind where I thought possibilities stopped. I no longer believe in limits on possibility.”


Unacceptable – Business Getting More Attention than My Child…

“At one point I realized the one-woman show wasn’t working for me. I felt like my business was my 6th child but it was getting all of my time and attention. Did I want that? No”

Why listen to Shelby:

Founder & Co-Owner of Content Divas, Shelby Larson built her businesses from the ground up entirely by word of mouth, and is proud to provide outsourcing and traffic generation services to some of the top marketers and businesses in today’s growing and ever-changing online space.

She has been declared the “Secret Weapon” behind some of today’s top marketing gurus.

Her newest project of passion is a book teaching people how to create an extra $500-$2,000/mo online for their families. It’s set to publish Fall 2015 by Entrepreneur Press.

Shelby is married to her best friend. She’s got 5 kids and as of fall 2014 she’s no longer homeschooling them. Her family is her greatest joy.

Shelby is owning the “Crazy Lizard Lady” title as she and her family are very active in Reptile Rescue.

She’s an adventurous lady. She wants to get shot out of a cannon as one of the items on her bucket list. She also flew on a jet pack like Iron Man. It’s one of those water jet packs. There’s a local company in Austin called Aqua Fly that does it. You can go up to 30 feet in the air.

She started her business in 2007.

Some Shareables from Shelby in this episode…

“No limits philosophy — my 16-year-old daughter said to her friend ‘I want to go to Japan. Let’s go this summer.’ My daughter’s friends said, ‘you can’t just go to Japan because you want to.’ My daughter replied, ‘Of course you can. You’ve just got to figure out how to get on the plane and go from there.’ The logistics and how to wasn’t a barrier for her.”

“How did I get good asking for the sale? It wasn’t the practice because asking just didn’t feel authentic to me. What finally clicked was understanding every business has something for sale and people are coming to me because they’re interested in what I have to offer.”

“I was always that mom wondering ‘How can I make money from home and not leave my kids?’ Finances were such a huge stress. So I started getting paid as a freelance writer.”

“A lot of other moms kept asking me, ‘How are you making money? How can I do this too?’ That’s when I created Work At Home Mom Outsource. Now it’s called ‘Content Divas’ where I outsource moms as writers.”

“Over time I understood what my customers desired so we morphed from a content development firm to an SEO firm to now a full marketing agency. Some things you only learn as you’re doing them for your customers over time”

If I Could Go Back to the Start…

“Time machine — word-of-mouth was my #1 way. But I had those networking skills and knew how important continuous networking was. If I were advising my younger self I’d say to diversify your lead and income sources.”

“The ADD entrepreneur doesn’t work. Don’t have 12 projects going at once. You do want to have active income sources and passive income sources as well as passive and active lead sources.”

On Passive Income

“Passive income — if I could go back to my start, I’d have built passive income streams right away. All my early stuff was active income which taught me just how important some passive income is.”

My Biggest Mistakes…

“Biggest mistake — I feel this is a trap many entrepreneurs fall into… being the one man/woman show for far too long.”

“Biggest mistake — I feel this is a trap many entrepreneurs fall into… being the one man/woman show for far too long. This limits your ability to scale and grow. Second, you burn out because you’re doing too many tasks and hours. Third, you’re working in your business instead of on your business which doesn’t allow you to see the big picture growth.”

“If you’re not careful, as an entrepreneur you’ll be the worst boss to yourself ever. You’ll mistreat yourself in ways no company or boss ever would.”

On the Illusion of Control

“Control — when I got that first bit of success I didn’t want it to go away. This made it so scary to let go some of that control and hire other people.”

“At the end of year 1 I almost burned my company to the ground because I was a one-woman machine. I had to stop everything I was doing for 45 days to hire and train team members which took a large portion of my profits. Plan to scale more smoothly.”

On Startup and Scaling

“Now that I understand business better I asked, ‘what can I not do? What can I give to other people?’ This has been so great for my business and so much more fun for me.”

“Startup — it’s okay to be the 1-woman show for a little while because you beg, borrow, and do whatever it takes to get some clients and cash in the door. Working all hours of the day and night doesn’t work for long. You’ve got to have a timeline and exit strategy from the 1-woman show.”

Favorite Part of the Entrepreneur’s Journey…

“Favorite part of the entrepreneur’s journey is the people I’ve met along the way. I love others of this mindset. It creates a problem connecting with those of the employee mindset who don’t understand a lot of my new views on the world.”

What Being an Entrepreneur Did to My Mind…

“I look forward to networking with my entrepreneur groups because I get this breath of fresh air. But in my everyday life I’m this crazy lady with 8 dragons, 5 kids and a weird business. I’ve lost my ability to relate with ‘real’ people.”

On Starting Over…

“If I had to start over and could keep only one thing it would be my team members. A lot of people will say their cash because they can get a jump start. My people are my most valuable asset.”

Weirdest Thing and Lesson Learned…

“Weirdest thing — it was my biggest speaking gig ever when I got flash mobbed. During my intro Craig Handley in a speedo stands up and yells, ‘Hey Shelby! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. ‘Multiple people in speedos jump up and do the same, mobbing me to the song ‘I’m sexy and I know it’. I’m wondering what’s going on here and have fallen into post-traumatic stress. By the time they left the stage I was wearing an ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ T-shirt and a green boa.”

“Mind altering experience — I hope everybody has a non-negative experience where you’re in such shock your brain shuts down and doesn’t record details because it’s a fascinating experience.”


“Most counterintuitive — it took me years to get comfortable just asking for the sale. People were talking to me because they were interested in what I had to offer. But I was so uncomfortable saying, ‘You should use me, here’s why and here’s the cost.’ For years my confidence level wasn’t behind it.”

“I’m very good at teaching and the lead and the ‘give first’ mentality. I wish I’d been comfortable asking for the sale way earlier because my business would be so much further along.”

On Conventional Wisdom…

“Conventional wisdom — a lot of advice says do tons of research and create your business plan. I say just get out there and do it. Have an idea what you’re looking to do and then go do. Make a few sales (don’t overpromise though) then you’ll have the resources to figure out how to fulfill.”

On Startup Success…

“On startup success — find a need you want to fill. Then start doing. The only reason most people fail is because they never do or they stop doing too soon.”

“On success — the only difference between me and someone who’s not successful is I did something. I’m not smarter, a harder worker, nor luckier. I was simply willing to sprint out of the gate, dive in, and figure out what I didn’t know as I was immersed in the process.”

“Business mantra sell first, fulfill 2nd. Obviously, you don’t want to create a bad reputation but you’ll never know everything so get out and sell.”

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