Raul Villacis

How he lost millions in the real estate crash, made it back, and is galloping down the path to be the Spanish-speaking Tony Robbins

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On Bad economies…

“In a bad economy everybody has an opinion. But you have to look at the ones who are actually making money and the stories not told in the media. Then you’ll see the opportunities all around.”


People’s misconceptions about entrepreneurs

“People look at entrepreneurs and think we’re making all this easy money. I’m an open book and my employees sometimes think this. They don’t realize how many times I almost went broke and took away from my family to support the company.”


Complementary personalities

“You must have complementary personality types on your team. I’m an artist and creator. In a group of other artists we all just pat each other on the back say, ‘Awesome, you’re doing great man ‘. We need a hard-core entrepreneur to come in and say, ‘Hey guys what are you doing? The party’s almost over.’ Those other personalities help your business go.”


Morning Success Ritual

“I’ll blare my ‘pump up’ music so loud in the morning I’ve been kicked out of hotels. I’m getting into the state of mind to become unstoppable. It’s not conventional human behavior to scream so loud in the morning. Getting myself into this unstoppable state is my morning ritual.”


Why most entrepreneurs fail

“The reason many new entrepreneurs fail is because they’re thinking about making all this money or having all this free time. They’re not willing to put in the work. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.”

DISCLOSURE – Explicit lyrics inside

This episode does contain about 2 curse words. Raul is passionate about sharing his message and helping entrepreneurs rise higher.

If you have delicate sensibilities or are easily offended take that into account.

Why Listen to Raul:

Raul Villacis is a bad ass entrepreneur that is constantly looking for ways to take his business and his life to The Next Level.

He built one of the most successful Real Estate Firms in NY and CT by acquiring corporate clients like Fannie Mae, Chase, Bank of America to handle their distressed real estate assets.

He is also the Founder of The Next Level Experience.  A personal and business development event that focuses on helping Entrepreneurs have balance in life and taking massive action to get the Results they want.

People have come from Japan, Spain and all over the US to his sold out events.

It’s an application only event to make sure the people in the room are like-minded and can learn from each other how to apply the system of Learning, Living and Experiencing life.

A little deeper in Raul’s own words…

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for 15 years. I started in the Real Estate Industry and an Investor and then opened up a Brokerage with 3 offices and 100 sales people at the high of the market. Had enough real estate to retire at 30 years old (that was my mindset then) but when the market crashed saw my real estate empire crumble..

Then I got into personal development and built my Real Estate Firm back up servicing the default industry.. That means my clients where the banks that had all the bad assets and I managed their default assets. Companies like Fannie Mae, Wells Fargo, Chase and other Hedge funds will hire my company to manage and dispose of their default properties.

Since I had an office in Connecticut there was no competition because people didn’t believe that there were defaults in one of the wealthiest states in the country. I started to get interviewed by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal to give them insights in the default market in NY and CT.

I still have my corporate clients and my sales team but the last couple of years I have been searching for my true purpose. Obviously Real Estate is profitable but I was not making the impact that I wanted.

So I pursed my passion in creating a personal development program called The Next Level Experience..

This is where Personal Development and Business Development come together. Created by an Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs.

We come together to dig deep in how to enhance the Four Most important Pillars or our lives.





– Raul Villacis

Fun Stories

He got kicked out of a Carnival Cruise in Jamaica. He crashed an Oscar after party in Hollywood and ended up hosting the party introducing the celebrities on stage. He was even mistaken for an attorney by a judge but there was no wrongdoing because he didn’t argue with the judge.

The ‘mistaken attorney identity’ was an interesting story. He had been doing real estate for over 15 years. During the last wave of the foreclosure market he often found himself in court rooms because many states have a judicial foreclosure process. In one of these foreclosure cases the judge called Raul to the front believing he was a lawyer. For 6 to 7 months the court believed Raul was an attorney.

You can tell from these wacky experiences Raul is an interesting guy who’s doing fantastic things in the business, real estate, and personal development world.

“I love getting in trouble and causing trouble. My goal in life is to just have fun.”~Raul Villacis

Some Shareables from Raul in this episode…

“I’m not doing something right unless I’m missing somebody off.”

#1 path to profits starting out today

“If I could go back to my start, I’d identify what my skill was earlier. I wouldn’t change anything else because it made me stronger and made me grow.”

One of my money affirmations

“One of my affirmations is ‘money flows to me like an avalanche of wealth’.”

“Reading to action — When I was 20 to 21, I bought my first real estate property. I had recently purchased the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and I believed every word. So I went out and started buying properties left and right.”

“My mindset was to have enough money to retire by 30. I built up my real estate portfolio to the point where I could do this but then the real estate market crashed on me. I was in denial thinking the market would quickly recover. I made the mistake of over leveraging.”

“The real estate market crash hurt me bad. It was too stressful to deal with. Around this time I found Tony Robbins and personal development so I could figure out my next move. I needed to figure out how to make money in this new market fast because I had 100 people working for me.”

“When the real estate market crashed nobody was willing to do the work to find the current opportunity in that market. Everybody was trying to figure out how to continue doing what they had been doing. Doing what you were doing didn’t work anymore. You had to reinvent yourself.”

“You have to start thinking of things that are unconventional when markets shift. I lived in the Greenwich Connecticut area where nobody believed there were defaults. I started looking to get $4 million properties for only $1 million.”

“Unexpected deal — after the real estate market crash we were able to get into a $20 million property for under $10 million.”

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within

“I was at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event. Tony said ‘There’s always an opportunity when the market crashes. When the market crashes or the economy’s down there is more opportunity because people are almost willing to give things away.’ So I started thinking and asked myself, ‘Who’s giving properties away?’ At that time it was the bank’s so I moved into foreclosures and short sales.”

Who to learn from

“Who to learn from — when things go bad you’re going to hear everybody complain. They love to tear down heroes and experts. When people told me about Robert Kiyosaki’s bankruptcy, I questioned my beliefs about his teachings. I investigated…it was only one of his companies. I realized he was still making lots of money from his other companies.”

Broke Mentality

“Broke mentality — broke people think when you file for bankruptcy that’s the end of it. Donald Trump had to file for bankruptcy multiple times. I lost millions in real estate but have come back stronger than ever.”

Ego and identity

“I lost millions of dollars in real estate because I didn’t want to let go of what my identity was. People saw me as the ‘Millionaire kid in real estate’. Letting go of those properties and losing that identity was the hardest part for me. Letting go is what you need to start over again.”

3 types of personalities start successful companies

“Three personalities for success — 1. Rainmaker — brings in sales. 2. Hard-Core Entrepreneur — focuses on profits and big idea. 3. Manager — manages the team and systems. I thought of myself as a hard-core entrepreneur but was more of an artist rainmaker seeing what I created being destroyed. If I’d thought about the money and cut my losses sooner, I’d have regained my wealth much faster.”

Core mistake

“A big mistake people make when starting a business is not knowing which of the 3 types they are at their core (rainmaker, hard-core entrepreneur, manager). If you’re a rainmaker then you need to spend time with hard-core entrepreneurs and managers. Align your self with the 2 types that you’re not.”

Favorite part of entrepreneur’s journey

“Favorite part of my entrepreneur’s journey — looking at what I’ve done and seeing there’s always somebody who’s had it worse yet succeeded at a higher level. We always make excuses like, ‘Well I didn’t have that education. I didn’t have that opportunity.’You can always find those stories of someone worse off than you who still made it. I love those stories that take excuses away.”

Weirdest thing and lesson

“Strangest thing — why am I so driven? I love it when people tell me I can’t do something. One of the top ladies in my area sent me an e-mail detailing the reasons why my new direction wouldn’t work and I should give up. That drove me to prove her wrong.”

“To this day I’m always looking NOT for people who tell me I’m doing an awesome job but for people who tell me this isn’t going to work because then I know I’m doing something worthwhile.”

20 minute plank

“Against all odds — I was invited to a boot camp called Warrior’s challenge. The group was Cross Fit trainers and fitness gurus. I come in with my iPhone and good outfit on NOT looking the part. First was the plank challenge between the 8 of us. The first guy falls out after 3 minutes which was a relief that I wouldn’t be the first. After the 10 minute mark it’s just me and the super fit Cross Fit trainer. My mind was saying ‘2nd place is good enough, just give up.’ The other part of me said, ‘Hell no!’ After 15 minutes he fell out. I stayed in and challenged myself going over 20 minutes. It was all mind over matter.”


“Counterintuitive advice — condition yourself every day with rituals. Positive self talk didn’t work for me at first because my mind didn’t believe it. Then I put emotions behind that positive self talk and added music. The music played and I added intensity to my positive self talk as if I was getting ready for a fight. This is when it started working for me. Adding exercises and energy to it supercharged the ritual even more.”

“If you can condition yourself every single day to start believing the stories you tell yourself that you want to achieve, your subconscious mind will look for opportunities to make that happen. There is no difference between reality and not reality in your mind.”

“The reason so many people are dissatisfied with their lives is because they focus on the negative things and bad things happen because of that.”

“Part of your morning ritual is being grateful for the things you already have. You’re not beating yourself up for the things you don’t have. You’re saying, ‘Wow I already did this!’ It can be as simple as closing a small deal or being grateful for tucking in your kids last night.”

On getting off-track

“To avoid getting off-track you must find your purpose, don’t just do it for money. When I started ‘the next level experience’ my intention was to live my purpose. I love inspiring people and creating breakthroughs. I love finding ways to improve human behavior. Eventually this will become a profitable business. The mistake people make is thinking it has to be profitable from the beginning.”

“When I stepped out of my comfort zone of helping realtors and decided to be ‘the next level experience’ for entrepreneurs it’s a much bigger ocean. Who’s to say a guy from Japan with a $10 million company will fly to my event and take advice from me.”

Imagine Your Bigger purpose — start now

“Imagine, ‘where would I want to be in 5 years? Who do I want to work with?’ For me it was entrepreneurs. Instead of waiting five years start now.”

On conventional wisdom

“Conventional wisdom myth — I asked entrepreneurs why they were starting a business. A couple of answers were freedom and wanting to travel the world. This is stupid at the start. It’s like saying you want more free time so you’re gonna have a baby. At the beginning you’re working 24/7 growing your business ‘baby’ for a bigger purpose.”

On passive income

“I’m still true to my foundations. I’m building my real estate empire and buying properties in a whole new way based on my experience.”

Imagine we had a time machine to go back to your origin, what’s the #1 path or activity you’d take to grow your business?

Know who you are in business.

[1] Rain Maker – Producer

[2] Hard Core Entrepreneur — Investor, Big Money Picture

[3] Manager – Keep the systems going

To learn more about Raul visit:

‘The Next Level Experience – Where personal development meets business development.’ It’s about the 3 pillars:

1) business
2) health
3) relationships (marriage, friends, spiritual relationships)

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– NY Times
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