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Want the shortcuts and hidden tips nobody talks about?

We bring you contrarian tips and stories from experts. You get you their top pearls of wisdom and business strategies.

This way you can apply their hidden tips as you blaze your own Hidden Profit Path.

Our goal is for you to reach your desired outcome faster and with less hassle. You do this by following the proven path we and our experts have already blazed.

Our purpose is to improve the world via expert online education.

Foundational beliefs:

  1. Contrarian – to win big you gotta go against the grain. Following the herd gets you sheared and slaughtered.
  2. OutTeach instead of Outspend – we share our best stuff because we believe in abundance. Also, we believe in karma so it comes back to us 10 fold.

Contrarian Business Is Profitable Business

“If you follow the herd at most you’ll get less than what they’ve got.”  ~  Clint Evans

We interview our guests about the contrarian things they did. We’re looking for those things that seem to go against common sense and against business convention that still led to big profits.

This allows you to lead the pack and reap the higher profits leadership allows.

Show Schedule Change – new episode each Wednesday in 2015,

“~30 minutes of business wisdom each”


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Clint Evans


Clint Evans

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Your host Clint Evans interviews
Business owners, entrepreneur experts and influencers we publish each Wednesday in 2015.

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