Jesse Elder

Through a Series of Reckless Events, He Won the Keys to the Martial Arts Studio He’d Grow to $3 Million per Year in a No Holds Barred Match with the Current Owner

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Is Truth Valuable or Something Deeper?

“I’m just a guy who did the best he could to pay attention to what’s happened. Being homeschooled I learned early on the value of results only, versus theory. Truth doesn’t much matter…useful is what matters.”


On Mentors

“Unless someone has achieved the exact result that I’m looking to achieve, I’m very wary if they claim to have ’THE ANSWER’. Instead I decided to figure out as many things for myself as I could.”


Ego Pitfall

“Early on the biggest mistake I made was getting my ego so wrapped up in learning. I didn’t take a lot of action that I could have taken nor did I seek out the right relationships.”


’Someday’ is Code for Never

“People say, ‘It’s not that bad. Someday it’s gonna be better.’ I feel bad for them because this is later. You never arrive at tomorrow…it’s always today. You know what time it is? It’s always NOW.”

DISCLOSURE – Explicit lyrics inside

This episode does contain about 4 curse words. Jesse is an authentic guy who’s passionate about sharing his message and helping people.

If you have delicate sensibilities or are easily offended take that into account.

Why Listen to Jesse:

Jesse Elder “The Action Philosopher”

– Went from riding the bus and teaching martial arts in a fitness center to an 8 location, $3M a year training and coaching business.

– While working as a bouncer to pay the bills, started fighting in underground no holds barred matches. This is where the early foundation of my philosophy came from.

– Sold the schools to focus on serving ultra-successful entrepreneurs as a strategist and mindset coach.

– Developed the Mind Vitamin video series for personal development, available at

– Designed The Upgraded Life™, a six hour course in “Reality Control” to accelerate results and release resistance to abundance.

– Launched Ethical Cult Building™ to share the tools of influence and how to mobilize a movement.

– On tour for The Upgraded Life, with a kickoff in Bucharest, and U.S. dates coming soon.

I’m sure there’s more, we will let it flow 🙂

~ Jesse Elder

“There are two kinds of fear. Rational and irrational. Rational fears keep you alive – Irrational fears keep you from living.”

Some Shareables from Jesse in this episode…

“I don’t know that there’s any purely passive income. I enjoy being engaged. It would almost be like delegating someone else to eat your high dollar steak dinner.”

Is Truth Valuable or Something Deeper?

“People think they know the truth about God, money, love, freedom or work. Ultimately, you can only know what’s right for you.”

“I’ve always been very wary of people who claim to have ‘THE ANSWER’ because I realize they’re speaking from their experience and perspective.”

On What He’s Excited About

“My life consists of 3 pursuits: 1) gaining experience by doing not sitting on the sidelines 2) internalizing and owning each experience 3) expressing, sharing and amplifying those experiences into useful lessons for others.”

Ethical Cult Building

“In my ethical cult building mastermind group we talk about the 3 types of people in the world [1] spectators [2] participants [3] creators.”

“One of our members has added $100,000 to his bank account in his first 90 days since becoming a member purely from the new ideas he’s gotten from the group he developed into products.”

On Success

“The bottom line is the hardest part of being successful is knowing how easy it is.”

On Starting Again from His Origin

“If I could go back 20 years to open that first school again, knowing what I know now, the first thing I’d do is sell it. Then I can go back to doing what I’m doing now.”

“Early on the biggest mistake I made was getting my ego so wrapped up in learning. I didn’t take a lot of action that I could have taken nor did I seek out the right relationships.”

“At the start I read lots of business and marketing books but I didn’t apply much of it. Things took off when I invested a fortune with a one-on-one coach who had ‘been there, done that’ in the martial arts business.”

“I invested a fortune with my first business coach. We added $20,000 in business the first month and ended up making roughly 25 times the investment overall.”

Favorite Part of Entrepreneur’s Journey

“My favorite part of my Entrepreneur’s journey is seeing the results of my inner work. In the beginning I was doing all the marketing, selling and teaching. Seeing the growth when I started developing team members was so satisfying.”

“Seeing team members with no previous experience going out, selling and starting to enroll people into the school was so gratifying.”

The Year Before I Sold my School

“An 18-year-old was an instructor for me. In his senior year of high school, he made more money than his school’s principal.”

Life Progress Report

“In life we get very few report cards. As an employee you get your paycheck each month. As an entrepreneur at the end of the month you can look at how much money you made and that’s your report card. That tells you how good or bad you did.”

Weirdest Thing You’ve Done and Learned

“Weirdest thing — student becomes stalker. I felt bad for her. She broke into the school through the air-conditioning ducts. She broke into my house on Valentine’s Day. She hid in my car’s trunk. I only got the authorities involved when she started to negatively affect my business.”

“I had a stalker who went to fantastic lengths. If entrepreneurs had 10% of her diligence and obsession they’d all be millionaires.”

“Obsession is the word lazy people use to describe dedication.”


“The counterintuitive thing I did was to become a completely intuitive entrepreneur, not using logic near as much as my competitors. I would always try to outsmart people. I stopped doing that and started relying on intuition.”

“I developed the A.O.N. Test… All Or Nothing. If something is not a ‘Hell yes’ then it’s an ABSOLUTE ‘Hell no’. I no longer tolerate things.”

“People say, ‘It’s not that bad. Someday it’s gonna be better.’ I feel bad for them because this is later. You never arrive at tomorrow…it’s always today. You know what time it is? It’s always NOW.”

“We owe it to those people we are in a position to serve to extract as much happiness, joy and enthusiasm in every moment. You can’t suffer your way to success.”

“People still think the grass is greener on the other side. That’s BS. The grass is greener where you water it.”

Ignorance and Conventional Wisdom

“Research first — many people are told to research what’s popular first. If you don’t have a passion for it, if you don’t have such a burning desire to do what you do that you would do it for free or even pay to do it, then you have no business charging other people for it.”

What to Do

“If you’re good at something, passionate about it, and have paid a price to acquire it, then you should share it with others so they can benefit.”

“Instead of finding the niche, find the itch that needs to be scratched. Find out how you can get that need met by helping other people.”

Passive Income

“My original passive income was getting me off the training floor and instead training my team to instruct the martial arts students. I became infinitely more effective.”

“Instead of being like the flight attendant getting coffee and serving people’s drinks then running to go fly the plane, I decided to only fly the plane and have my team take care of the passengers.”

“The ‘Upgraded Life’ program and Ethical Cult Building Facebook group is what I’m excited about now. We’ve had people in over 22 countries do the Upgraded Life program.”

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