Joshua Lee & Clint Evans
Hidden Profit Path Holiday Special
part 1

How to leverage traffic snarls and airport layovers, 3 ‘over-the-top’ thank yous to customers, #1 neglected employee perk, and the Biggest LinkedIn Red Flag

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Sacred Family Time + Business Benefits

“In my mind, I was thinking, ‘How can I optimize my trip?’ Clint, you were looking at it as making the most of the transit time on the drive or on the plane. I schedule time a little before and a little after. If I’m visiting family for 4 days I plan the trip for 6 days. This way I can meet some clients and potential partners without taking any focus away from dedicated family time. Deducting part of the trip off taxes is another benefit.” ~Joshua Lee


Leveraging Traffic Snarls and Airport Layovers

“Transit time. If you’re driving or flying with your family then that’s bonding time. However, if you’re driving or flying alone it’s a great time to learn more from podcast shows and/or audio books. Take a notepad or journal with you. When you hear or read something that sparks an idea, write it down and vow to start implementing it when you return from your trip.” ~Clint Evans


WOW thank you to customers

“Getting a call from the CEO or president means a lot more than their normal account manager. 2 other strategies I use are the hand written thank you card and the ‘Hilary Girard’ video. I heard Hillary Clinton makes it a point to create short videos for people she’s connected with. Joe Girardi as the Guinness book of world record holder for the greatest salesman. At his height he was mailing between 15,000 and 20,000 paper greeting cards every month. I started recording short and personal thank you videos to family and business allies.” ~Clint Evans


Recognition Trumps Money Alone

“An interesting perk most employees care about is acknowledgment and recognition. One thing we’ve been testing out is doing a national news release on an employee based on a specific triumph or exemplary performance. This builds their personal authority. It’s an asset for their entire career. It shows they are not only building the company but the company is also building them.” ~Joshua Lee


Biggest Red Flag on LinkedIn

“Google loves LinkedIn. When somebody googles your name LinkedIn almost always shows up in 1 of those top 3 spots. If you’re LinkedIn is outdated it tells me you’re just not savvy with what’s going on in the business world today. If you’re not keeping up with that, what else are you neglecting? LinkedIn recommendations are also critical because those recommending you are putting their professional reputation on the line and on the permanent record in writing.” ~Clint Evans

Holiday Special Episode 1
Introducing the Entrepreneur Clarified show format and co-hosts

Why Listen to Josh and Clint:

Josh and Clint Share:

– How to optimize your holiday trips, leverage traffic snarls and airport layover transit time, while keeping family time sacred

– 3 personal ‘over-the-top’ thank yous that customers love

– #1 neglected perk employees care about that requires ZERO cash out of pocket

– Biggest Red Flag on LinkedIn is what’s missing NOT what’s on your profile. We reveal it and how to fix this glaring hole

Clint Evans bio:

He’s a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, host of the Hidden Profit Path iTunes Show, Online Media Strategist and Industry Authority Builder.

He helped increase one client’s incoming calls by 40% using Google Adwords and SEO campaigns. He got that same client calls from their 2nd city. Before working with Clint they had zero advertising and few calls from that city.

Another client was on the verge of ‘closing their doors’ because of the financial crisis in 2008. He helped them get back on track and have set sales records in 2012, 2013 and on record sales pace again in 2014!

His work has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, Yahoo, Austin Business Journal, ReadWrite, and was one of the first to get accepted to publish full articles on LinkedIn.

You may also have seen his work on local affiliates of ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and newspapers across the nation including: the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Dental Economics, Cabinetmaker FDM

Joshua B Lee bio:

I’m looking to improve the world through expert online education programs. I do this by helping experts who wouldn’t have access or were scared by technology hurdles.

The first step I’m taking to directly share knowledge is as co-host of the iTunes show Entrepreneur Clarified launching mid-December 2014.

My Background:

I founded and act as President of the multi-media advertising agency LF Media, inc. which over the last decade has launched many brands which include:

– Adfirmative
– MySearchNetwork
– Leads and Feeds
– CPCresults
– Austin Advertising Alliance

Collectively we serve over 60 BILLION online impression each month.

I’m always looking for the next adventure.

The life of an entrepreneur includes multiple activities. As a “serial entrepreneur” I sit on many Advisory Boards, have co-founded 4 new companies in the past 2 years one being Stand Out Authority. I help as a Prosperity Activator coaching fellow entrepreneurs and executives on living a 10x life.

I also helped my wife start Cal-Tex Swim Co, a swimming school and personal training business to extend her talents.

Most recently I am the producer of the iTunes show Hidden Profit Path. I also co-host and produce the iTunes show Entrepreneur Clarified.

I started a local group in Austin called Monstapreneurs. It’s for high level networking between entrepreneurs and C-level executives. We connect monthly to help “Relax, Reset, and Refocus” through epic experiences. These shared experiences bring flow to their lives and help keep their drive to excel every day.

I’m currently training for my try out on American Ninja Warrior in 2015.

Some Shareables from Clint and Josh in this episode…

Question One

What is one strategy for making the most of your travel time during the holiday season?

Josh’s thought process

Top shareable #1

Clint’s thought process

Top shareable #2

Question Two

What is one simple but effective way you will be thanking customers for their business in the past year?

Josh’s thought process

“One of the things we’re losing as a culture is that true connecting, especially the bigger your business grows. It gets tougher the more you get promoted and the higher positions you hold in a company. You lose that intimate connection with your customers. I make it a point to call my best customers at least a few times a year. Also, sending periodic texts and personal e-mails keeps that connection strong and builds it further.”

It’s amazing what you’ll find out from your customers. When you’re on a direct phone call with them, they’ll open up to you about what they liked and what isn’t working. Thank them for their business and be open to their feedback.

They’ll be in a peek state from receiving the phone call from the CEO, so the feedback they give will be ethically important to improving and growing your business.

Clint’s thought process

top shareable #3

Question Three

What’s one perk you were surprised to learn your employees really care about?

Josh’s thought process

top shareable #4

Clint’s thought process

“People will almost walk over broken glass for you when you give them greater recognition. Of course, the money compensation has to be there. There’s lots of propaganda out there where people feel like companies are just using employees. Investing back in your employees with both internal and external recognition, motivates them to perform at their very best and go the extra mile for your company.”

Question Four

What is the biggest red flag you have seen on a potential employee’s LinkedIn page?

Josh’s thought process

“If their LinkedIn profile is outdated or has no picture that tells me their level of neglect. LinkedIn is the spot for professionals and career advancement. If you don’t invest effort in that while you’re looking for a job, where else will you neglect and underperform if I actually hired you?

If you could tell me a good reason for not using LinkedIn, I might still consider you. The biggest red flag… if you’re not getting recommendations on LinkedIn you’re missing the boat. These recommendations are so important because they’re public and on the permanent record. I put more weight behind LinkedIn recommendations than I do calling the references listed on a candidate’s resume.”

Clint’s thought process

top shareable #5

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– Forbes
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