Episode 9

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 9

When a stressful situation comes up at work what's one of the biggest things you should avoid at all costs?

Entrepreneur Clarified


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Stressful work situations - The #1 thing to avoid is freaking out. Get tips for what and how happy AND financially successful people do it.

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

-- Clint shares the latest research on what happy AND financially successful people do

-- The one big factor the ancient Romans respected and what percentage of the time you must have this for best success (you don't have to be perfect but you do have to be excellent)

-- What event to visualize to infuse yourself with Superwoman (or Superman) confidence every time

-- Acting before reflecting is default human nature. Josh gives tips on what to do instead and how you can do this more often

-- If freaking out is unavoidable, there is one thing you absolutely must NOT do. Josh shares what you can do to minimize damage and get a positive outcome.

-- Why you deserve to "reset your mind" multiple times per day. We give suggestions on what specific times per day to do this for maximum benefit.

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