Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 8

What’s the most important lesson you learned in elementary school that’s valuable in business today?

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Why you deserve to treat cashiers and tellers the same as somebody you’re doing a multimillion dollar deal with

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

— Clint shares his daredevil experience in kindergarten that led to playing chicken on the top of the monkey bars, the subsequent fall onto the playground rocks, broken collarbone and what he learned that relates to business today

— The value of competition and being aware of opportunity cost

— Josh’s parents taught him to treat others with the respect you want in return. At the earliest of ages he wanted to be treated like an adult so afforded others that level of respect

— What 1 critical factor must be present in a business deal. If it’s not, then definitely walk away

— How elementary school aged Josh got away with calling his friends’ parents by their first names

— 1 quick way to avoid a bad business partnership early on in the relationship