Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 7

What is one of the best pieces of career advice you’ve ever received?

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How to have the “hell yeah” morning versus the “another dreaded workday” morning feeling

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

Josh shares one of the biggest and best pieces of advice for him was following his passions to profit. You may be thinking you’ve heard this before or “My passion could never lead to profit because my passion is different.”

Suspend your disbelief for just 5 minutes to hear what has worked for Josh and could work for you.

— Why passion drives you during the tough days and how it magnifies your positive effect on the world

— How to “skip to work” like Warren Buffett because you have the passion + profit equation working for you

— One simple tip to become a top leader using an under $20 resource anybody can get

— The one superpower Bill Gates and Warren Buffett would choose

— The one thing that makes you more interesting and powerful in any conversation

— Why taking on a mentor, whether you’re a business owner or employee, is maybe the most effective thing you can do