Episode 4

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 4

What's one of the soft skills you look for when hiring somebody to work at your company?

David Martin


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Hiring - what are “soft skills”? Learn which soft skill is the best fit depending on the position you’re hiring for.

In this Entrepreneur Clarified episode

- Most people define soft skills as communication style, emotional quotient and social graces. What do Josh and I look for in these areas? Who else do we recommend you consult inside your company? We share with you depending on what position you're hiring for.

- Accomplishing almost anything in life requires help. How to determine if this candidate can "Marshal" the help she/he will need

- How do they treat people at perceived "lower levels" than them and what behavior you're looking for depending on the position.

- Why conducting interviews in a sports venue setting can give you critical information to help you hire for both positions that require intensely competitive team members and positions on your team where a less competitive personality serves your company best.

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