Episode 31

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 31

What is the responsibility or role of the business owner in the development of a company’s website?

Entrepreneur Clarified


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What the 3 pieces of a business owner’s role are in guiding the website development

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

– The do-it-yourself mentality to watch out for and the one situation where it might make sense as a business owner to be heavily involved in developing your company’s website

- What the last decade has taught us about the perils of "Point-and-click" website builder tools

- How and when to deal with ghostwriters

- How an idea from Henry Ford can help your website "be all that it can be"

- Know the 1 main outcome for your site (Branding, direct online sales, getting website guests to call you, etc). Once you have clarity on this, guiding the project becomes easier and you have a much higher probability of the finished website being and doing exactly what you want it to do

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