Episode 3

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 3

When a candidate is seeking a job at your company, what is the biggest mistake the candidate can make that causes you to immediately slide them into the “No" pile?

David Martin


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Learn our 1 Big turn off (and 2 other red flags) when hiring potential team candidates.

In this Entrepreneur Clarified episode

- Why even in the Internet world, and even if you own a mostly Internet-based business, how a candidate presents themselves is critical. Ignore this red flag and it could cost you big.

- Why Josh only likes to hire people who have a current job even if that job is way beneath them. (Hear him talk about an example of working at McDonald's despite being CEO of a big company before that)

- Why employment gaps are a red flag, what to look for if they have a large gap to still consider them viable, and an example from Josh's dad's own experience

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